Reading on Screen VS Reading From Paper

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The era of the technology and the internet has forced the humanity to shift everything from paper to the screens. You can do your office work, manage meetings, see loved ones, interact with new people, look for new recipes, order food and whatnot using the internet and a screen? For the majority of the tasks to get done, the availability of the internet is crucial with a screen. A huge number of people who want to access the internet every other hour uses EarthLink internet plans. The availability of the free e-books on the internet has attracted many book readers to shift from paper reading to reading on screen. But, is it healthy for humans? Here are some facts that will highlight the difference between reading from paper and reading from a screen.

Imaginary on its Peak

Most of the times, the concept that writer has penned down has many meanings attached to it. Reading from the paper allows the reader to live the life of each character to its fullest. Whereas when reading from a screen, the reader’s mind is, busy in picking up the words and focusing on the screen. This makes it less likely for the user to live the life of every character the way it should be. Moreover, while reading from the book one can draw different images and form worlds in his or her brain but reading from an e-book allows the reader to focus more on the images and colors present in the e-book, which shrinks down the imagination power of the reader.
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Strain on the Eyes

Everyone knows that looking at the screen for long hours affects badly on the eyesight and put extra strain on the eyes. However, people still like reading e-books online with the help of the fastest and affordable internet plans like EarthLink internet plans. A research conducted in 2013 showed that people read better from the paper rather than from the screen. Questions were asked to people after they read from both, the screen and the paper, and the results showed that majority of the people preferred reading from the paper because they had issues reading from the screen for long hours. Another research carried out in 1986 showed that reading from the screen causes fatigue in the eyes and in the whole body while no or fewer signs of fatigue were found in the people who read from the paper.

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Effects on the Memory

Since the use of the digital learning has changed the way education used to be, you can see tablets and laptops in hands of almost every second student. Schools require students to read from their tablets, complete their work and submit the work report on tablets as well. You can find EarthLink cable internet in every home with kids because they have to use the internet in order to stay up to date with their assignments. It is hoped that this new technology will aid the kids to learn more and learn better. Whereas a research has shown that reading from the screen does not aid kids to memorize text better. On the other hand, the kids who read from the paper tends to remember the text for a long time. Another research carried out in 2012 showed the same results. Scientists are convinced now, that reading from the paper lets the words stick to human mind for a longer time span than reading from the screen does.

Less Accuracy

Researchers have been researching on the effects of reading from screen since the screens were invented. A research done in 1992 depicts that when people read from any type of screen the outcomes are less accurate, slow and understanding is not clear as well. Many researches carried out after 1992 confirmed the fact proven in the research of 1992. Majority of the people who were the part of these researches were able to point out the grammatical and typographical issues in the text on the paper but failed to do so on the screen. Scientists believe that the technology is changing the way human minds used to process information.
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Final Word

The technology was meant to make the lives of human easier than ever but it is not necessary that every technological invention will help the human race. The use of the screens for reading has turned against the humanity rather than being in favor. People are diagnosed with diseases like ‘iPad neck’ and ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’ because of the use of the screen for long hours. Hence, it is clear that the use of the screens to read for books or any other text is not good for people. The quality of the screen can surely create a difference and can make it less harmful to the people but it will still have some negative effects on the reader. It is advised that you should use the paper to read from rather than the screen as it does not only save you from issues but aids you several ways as well. However, if it is really necessary for you to use the screen, then make sure you take some breaks in the middle to minimize the risk of the harms. To get a better internet connection in order to access free online content you can contact EarthLink Customer Support anytime.