Five Smart Safe Technologies To Keep You And Your Home Safe

Gone are the days when people had to use peepholes to find out who is at the doorstep. With the latest changes in technology, securing your home has never been easier. With the use of smart technology, you can now get an affordable and convenient ways of securing your home and other devices.

If you are wondering some of the smart technologies that you can adopt, read the following 5 smart technologies to keep you and your home safe.

#1: Gun Safe

Where do you store your gun? If you are always spotting your gun around the house when you don’t mean to, you are at risk. You are probably going to lose it; misuse it or it will rust. Your gun should always be in the safe! This is a protected compartment where you get to store your gun.

If you do not have safe, you can read gun safety guide to help you pick the best gun safe. It will offer you a reliable security, accessible only by a key, code or fingerprints. Besides having to authorize access, your gun gets to stay ahead of dust and moisture.

#2: Self- Charging Bulbs That Stay Lit Without Power

Though inconveniencing, power blackouts are out of our control. You could be a victim of theft. Embarrassment and accidents are also imminent. A bulb could save you all this!

This intelligent bulb can stay illuminated for hours after a blackout. You get to use the same wall or lamp switches to turn them on and off. This bulb comes with a self –charging rechargeable battery and an intelligent internal control circuit. It cuts power usage by up to 90%!

Do you really still need to remember where you put the flashlight in a power outage?

#3: Smart Cameras

Monitoring your house from wherever you gives some degree of satisfaction. You always want to check in on your kids, pets or the access to your residence. Web security cameras possess face recognition technology ability for you to identify people accessing your house.

They are magnetically mounted with adjustable motion detection. You can shoot high-definition videos and even spot infrared night vision.

The cameras then inform you through a notification to your mobile device.

Most people tend to interfere with these cameras upon spotting them. You will have spotted who they are by then, anyway!

#4: Smart Door Locks

It is just a study lock like any other, only smarter. Can you imagine being able to protect your lock with a standard key, a wireless key fob, and a smartphone app at the same damn time? You don’t have to struggle to install it on your door I tell you. Its aesthetic value is on point. You can operate it from anywhere. Besides your ability to control access, you will like the more hiding keys under doormats and waiting outside for hours to physically use a key.


# 5: Home Sensors

These security kits work miraculously. You get to install them on door, windows and generally places you need regular opening and closing.

The sensors use motion detection to sense movements of the body such as waves to execute successful openings. They can also detect movements along certain hallways or directions. They are able to even detect if a person is armed or not.

When triggered, you will be able to get a notification to your mobile device. Furthermore, the sensors also produce sirens that will create attention instantaneously.

Final Verdict

Technology has proven to be the most credible and safest mode of security currently. Its ability to respond instantaneously to stimuli is out of this world! It is also evident that most of these gadgets are complementary thus you don’t have to acquire all of them to accomplish a mission. Upgrade your lifestyle and enjoy technology like never before.