Top 5 Power Tools For The Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

For everyone who’s into DIY hacks, you have your own unique selection of tools. They may differ from one person to another but power tools, craft tools, and materials are a constant.

If you’re considering being a DIY expert, you need an array of power tools. They make it easier to cut through different materials allowing for versatility.

This is the reason we came up with the top 5 power tools for the do-it-yourselfer. If you don’t own any of the following tools don’t consider yourself as a DIY pro. You can also decide to upgrade to better power tools.

  1. Miter saw

If you love decorating or building things from scratch, you can never go wrong with a miter saw. With it, you can cut anything from wood, soft boards or plywood.

Miter saws come in a variety of designs and colors for you to choose from. It’s recommended that you go for the 10-inch miter saws. They will allow you to cut through larger materials for larger structures.

As long as you have the right adjustments on your miter saw, everything you cut will be accurate. So if you’re thinking of installing a new shelf, a miter saw will work great for you.


  1. Rotary sanders

They’re a must-have for every DIY enthusiast especially if you like working with wood or metal. You just have to find the right quality sander for your DIY hacks.

The rotary sander is responsible for smoothening those rough edges for finishing or even construction. They have variable speeds that help you choose your preference depending on the material you’re using.

There are different sized rotary sanders. You need to find one that is of high quality and one that will be able to serve you well. Experts recommend 5inch rotary sanders. They’re very lightweight compared to 6inch sanders that can be heavy and bulky.


  1. Dremel Rotary tool

The Dremel rotary tool is one of those exceptionally versatile DIY tools. When you buy the tool itself, you get so many accessories that are helpful for many applications.

This oscillating tool comes with small flat blades that allow you to cut even the smallest of the materials that can’t be cut/reached by other tools.

The Dremel tool can also be used for sanding stones, metal or wood. You can also use it for polishing anything from jewels to other shiny hard to reach surfaces. With this rotary tool, you’ll never go wrong.


  1. Paint sprayer

No DIY experiment is done without some color, right? What better way to paint your surfaces than using a paint sprayer.

You should note that you need to hook up your paint sprayer with an air compressor. It gives the paint that pressure out of the gun from the jar.

The good thing about paint sprayer is that they’re very cheap and as long as you have a full jar, you’re good to go. You can use any type of paint from oil-based primer, latex-paint to water-based paint.

All you need to do is know how to and on what materials to use the paint sprayer on.


  1. Circular saw

If you’re short on space or you don’t have the money for a table saw, you can choose a circular saw. Even if you have a table saw, you can use a circular saw as an alternative.

It’s responsible for making straight cuts along materials. It’s fast and less bulky compared to a table saw. Just ensure that the blades are sharp enough.

It’s also easy to operate and almost accident-free. At the push of a button, the blades start cutting the chosen material.


Final Verdict

So if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you need any if not all of the power tools above. Always make sure you have your safety gear on every time you’re operating power tools,

If you’re looking to add on to the tools you already have, I’d recommend any of the above discussed. They are top 5power tools for a do-it-yourselfer (DIY). Operating the above tools is pretty simple because they come with comprehensive power tools guide to help new users use the tool without any problems.

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