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“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple. The philosophy is kindness…” – Dalai Lama

   Religion has been in this world for so many years that it already produced so many offspring and branches that now confuse humanity. Above all, one religion is somehow hailed as the largest and most popular religion around the globe: Catholicism.

   Catholics have this deep faith in God that can be traced back to the time of Christ’s conception to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Having shown so works of miracle in his course of life, the believers of Catholicism have their faith deeply rooted with such love that many people are so devoted in the different saints, apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and other things introduced by the Church to justify their faith.

   Nowadays, even in our modern era, people still hold on to their faith like before, wherein people tend to buy relics and sculptures of the religious figures and admire them as a form of paying respect and showing their faith. And this act is somehow defiled by other religions, quoting the Word of the Lord in the Holy Bible that no one must worship anything made by the hands of a man. However, people may have misunderstood the way of Catholics in showing their faith. Let us have this analogy: a worker was sent to another country by the company in order to expand and enrich his experience. The worker, of course, cannot bring his whole family or his loved ones with him. The only memory the worker has brought with him was a photograph of his loved ones. Days, weeks and months have passed, the worker still hasn’t come back home and he misses his family so much. He remembers the photograph he had brought with him. Taking this out, he then caressed the photograph and planted a kiss on the paper bearing the images of his loved ones, hoping to send his love to them amidst their distance. Now, take it this way. Catholics admire the relics and sculptures that bear the image of religious people to show them their respect. That is even though they are not around anymore.

   Another analogy goes this way: an orphan girl was left by her mother in an institution when she was still a baby. The only thing left by her mother was a photograph bearing the face of a woman and a child. The people from the orphanage told the girl that the woman in the photo was her mother. Having no chance of hugging or kissing or even touching her mother’s face again, the girl holds on to the memory that the photograph contains; a memory of love. The girl lovingly takes care of the photograph, kisses it when she feels sad, talks to it when she feels down, hugs it when she feels empty. These actions make the girl believe that her mother can feel her love for her. This goes with the way of the Catholics in caressing the images in the Church, in talking to the printed photos of Christ, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of St. Francis of Assisi, of St. John the Russian, of St. Seraphim of Sarov and other religious icons, believing that their simple acts of love can make the saints in heaven hear their prayers. This is what makes the Catholics so united; their faith, iconic people, and prayers may be different from one place to another, but their way of worshipping and their beliefs lie on the same path.

   As the generation transforms, the way of life of humans also transform. We tend to get busier nowadays that even enriching our faith and living our beliefs is sometimes forgotten. We are thriving in this modern place wherein money is the sole driver of everything we do. But why forget your faith? You can still live and enrich your faith even if you are a busy bee in work, in school or in any form. This is why www.holyart.com is here, a virtual world for people who seeks religious items to enrich their faith yet do not have enough time to walk the malls, so look in shelves of different stalls, to wait in long line just to pay for their purchase. This is an online shop offering your religious needs – from angels to saints to readings to crowns to medallions and more.

   Holyart offers a wide variety of sculptures and figurines bearing the images of playful and happy young angels, of caring and sweet guardian angels and other forms of angels. You can choose to have a modern style musician angel for your bedroom or a personalized angel with a name for your bedroom door. How about a Cherub angel head in painted Valgardena wood to guard you every time? You can also have a sweet time admiring an angel with sheep, an angel with a lyre, an angel with flute or clarinet. If you want to have a peaceful and serene candlelit night to reflect and think deeply, you can purchase an angel of the flame sculpture.

   For bookworms out there, you can have a religious book cover from Holyart, ranging from bible covers, daily prayer cover and even divine office covers. The online site also has missal and benedictional covers and lectionary covers. Also, if you are looking for bookmarks that would show your faith, Holyart also offers religious bookmarks engraved in olive wood, also perfect for gifts and other special occasions.

   If you are looking for crucifixes that would suit your taste but do not have time to keenly scan a physical store in a mall or somewhere else, Holyart can help! The online shop has crucifixes made from ceramics, porcelain, clay, metal, plexiglass, glass, stone, tau and wood. You can also choose if you prefer a standing or hanging crucifix. Whichever you choose, the shop ensures quality and satisfaction.

   For people deeply devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary and loves to give Her honor, crowns and halos are also available on this online store! You can choose between silver or gold crowns, or those with gems or floral or strass decorations. They offer crowns with a variety of shapes and size. For the halos, they have brass or plexiglass, they also have luminous, gold-pleated or nickel-pleated. You can also choose from radiant to circular or rays, depending on your preference and what would suit your need.

   Holyart also offers greeting cards and holy cards made in high resolution. A perfect present for birthdays, for someone you care or for other special occasions. The cards bear images of Saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and other religious icons. For fashionable people who still want to elegantly express their faith and belief, Holyart offers jewels in gold and silver. These jewels are entirely handmade by Italian master craftsmen, ensuring the quality of the jewels. These jewels are elegant, unique and are also perfect gifts for all occasions.

   There are also items for people who love to collect portable souvenirs and the like. Holyart offers a wide variety of key rings. Key chains varying from metal to wood and rosary case key rings can be purchased from the shop. The key rings are printed with religious images such as the Holy Family, the Birth of Christ, the Holy Cross, Jesus Christ himself and other sacred images.

   You can also find pendants, medals and necklaces on Holyart. These products are made from wood, metal and ceramic. Metal cross pendants, gold or silver pleated, can be purchased online. Also, medals and pendants of various kinds can be browsed in the shop. There are also religious brooches and scapulars made from wood or fabric is available online.

   If you are an avid art lover and a religious person, you can pick an addition to your art collection on Holyart. They offer paintings, printings and illuminated manuscripts bearing images of different religious people like Pope Francis, St. John Paul II, St. Jude Iscariot, the Blessed Virgin Mary and others. The paintings also depict scenes from the bible such as the baptism of Jesus Christ, the Nativity, Christ’s Crucifixion, the Last Supper and more. These paintings are either on wood or canvas.

   Holyart also have religious bracelets that may interest you. They have Amen bracelets having magnetic fastenings and engravings of the prayers of our Father, Hail Mary, Angel of God and others. The Amen bracelets are made to convey the strong values of love and spirituality. They also have multi-image bracelets. These are engraved in wood and contain images of religious icons. Holyart also have single decade rosary bracelets, spring rosary bracelets and other bracelets made from different materials.

   Religious magnets are also available in Holyart. The magnets are printed with the images of Saints, Guardian Angles, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and other religious people like St. John Paul II and St. Padre Pio. There are also magnets having Biblical scenes such as the Nativity, and some of the apparitions of Our Lady such as Our Lady of Lourdes, the Miraculous Madonna, our Lady of Medjugorje and others.

   Catholics are also famous for being deeply devoted in praying the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Rosary. If you are looking for precious, elegant, simple or collectible rosary beads, Holyart is the place for you. They offer a wide range of color, type, material and decorations for the rosary you are looking for. They also have rosary cases in any type.

   Tapestries depicting religious subjects are also found in Holyart. They have tapestries of Padre Pio, Our Lady, Jesus Christ and others. The tapestries they offer are entirely made with a Jacquard’s Loom in Tuscany, Italy, ensuring you quality and satisfaction.

   And for the most famous characteristics of Catholics, Holyart offers a wide variety of statues. Statues made from fibreglass, wood, resin, PVC, plaster, marble, porcelain, stone – you name it, Holyart has it. The statues they have also vary in sizes. They have statues of baby Jesus, different saints, Our Lady and Biblical scenes.

   These are just some of the merchandise offered by Holyart. For more details, you may visit their website at www.holyart.com. Always remember, it is not the religion that may save someone, it is the faith, the deeds and the conviction we have that will save us from the fires of hell. As what Jesus said in John 20:29, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”   

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