How to be delivered from situations that has you trap

We all face situations that at times have us bound, and thus cry for deliverance. It is God’s will for us to live free from trials; nevertheless trials are a part of life.

Let’s talk about some facts: It is a fact that every day there are people around the world that need something urgently, whether it may be a husband, a wife or a child, or whether it may be healing from a deadly or painful or stressful sickness, or they are going through something that they really need a breakthrough or deliverance from. It is a fact that every day someone commits suicide because they don’t want to face their situation any more. It is a fact that every second someone lose faith in ever receiving the help they need.

It is a fact that at times we will face something that threatens how we view life, God, ourselves and probably make us think of committing suicide. This is a fact of life that has nothing to do with your social status and economical background. These things at times seek to break or bring us to our knees. It is a fact that everyone that is born of a woman will encounter problems. It is a fact that all most everyone, if not all, that is reading this article right now on How to be delivered from situations that has you trap, or visit this BibleWayMag- The Christian Magazine of Choice is going through something or will be going through something that they need deliverance from and or breakthrough with. These are all facts of life.


However, can I give you another fact that supersedes every other fact we may encounter in life? It is a fact that whatsoever you may be going through or whatever problems you may be facing, or will face, regardless of how big or small they may be, that there is a God name Jesus Christ who is the great I AM-A God who will be whatever you want him to be- your doctor, lawyer, counselor, salesman, provider,  body-guard, teacher, father, mother, best friend etc. The best part about this great fact is that he is accessible to you RIGHT NOW, he doesn’t slumber or sleep, get weary or take vocation or sick leave. Moreover, he doesn’t charge any money for his service and he NEVER FAILS. If you call upon him he will hear you and attend unto your cry. This is a fact above all other facts.

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To add to this he can be touch with the feelings of your infirmities because he once went through or face similar situation like the once you, or someone you know, facing right now, he sees and knows everything (Hebrews 4:13-16). It is because of what he went through and the love he has for you why he can and will help you with whatever your situation may be (Hebrews 2:18; 5:2).

Here are some other facts:

1) If you seek him with your whole heart then everything you need will be given to you (Matthew 6:33)

2) Worrying about your situation will not help you, but instead of worrying put your trust and confidence in the ALL POWERFUL God (Matthew 6:25-30)

3)If you persistently seek him through prayer and have faith you will receive what you ask for-once it’s not contrary to the bible (Matthew 21:21-22; Mark 9:23; Luke 18:3-5)

4) He is the one that form you from you were in the womb and he promise that even when your old and gray he will carry you through every situation, and will be your deliverer (Isaiah 46:3-4).

5) He is a untimed God. Sometimes it may seem like he is not coming through for you, but he will not come through when you want him, but he will come when the time is right. Sometimes he will even wait until your situation is dead for many days before he shows up so he can prove to you that he is an ALL POWERFUL and WISE GOD, because he is the resurrection (St. John 11:21,35-44)

6) He is your redeemer (saver) and shall redeem you, or save you, from any and every situation (Isaiah 47:4; 50:2).

7) His hands are not shorten that it cannot save you, neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear you when you call upon him (Isaiah 59:1)

8) Call upon him and he will answer you (Jeremiah 33:3; Isaiah 58:9)

9) Stand still and put your faith in him and the Egyptian army that seeks to bring you into despair and hopeless will be no more because the Lord will fight for you-your Egyptian army represents any situation you’re going through that cause depression or despair, even sadness and cause you to even lose faith (Exodus 14:10,13-18,22-31).

10) You will not get your breakthrough and or deliverance by your own strength and or power but you will receive it by the Spirit of God because he is your strength and defender (Zechariah 4:6-7)

11) God is asking you not to carry your own burdens but to put it ALL on him because he cares for you (Matthew 11:28-30; 1 Peter 5:7)

12) He come to give you live and live more abundantly- it’s the devils job to tear you down but God will build you up (St John 10: 10-11).

I don’t know what you’re going through or what you’ve been asking God for, but I would like to urge you not to give up or lose hope because God cares for you and is about to answer your prayer, you will receive your breakthrough if you faint not. It may be long and you might suffer much or even cry a lot, God feels your pain and hear every faithful prayer. Your heavy burdens will soon be cast down; your change will come, just keep worshipping God in Spirit and truth and keep trusting and praying.

Sometimes why you’re not receiving your breakthrough and or deliverance there is a war going on in their spiritual realm for your breakthrough; like the dark clouds before a rain covering a particular area, so is the spiritual atmosphere. For you therefore to receive your breakthrough you have to break through that dark cloud through persistent prayer (and even fasting) and trusting God while offering God true worship and praise.

Sometimes God will put you in the wilderness so he can prove himself unto you. There will be many times you feel like throwing in the towel and may even question if God is with you. I am here to tell you that God will never leave you. If you seek the Lord and put your trust in him, He will deliver you.

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