The relationship between Jesus temptations and ours

The Bible let us know that can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities (situations and test we face) because he was once tempted like us but did not sin-Heb 4:15. Jesus overcoming help us to understand that too can overcome . They also help us to understand the time of temptations that we will face.

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On the face of it, it does not seem as if the are similar to that of the ones we face, but Jesus face the same form of temptations that we face; that is, the of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

It’s imperative for us to understand that the devil knows our weaknesses and knows when the right time to attack us. He won’t come when you’re at your strongest as he knows that he will be defeated, but he comes at you when you’re most vulnerable and attacks you where he knows he can get you. That’s what he did to Jesus and that’s what he’s doing to us today. The Bible in the 3rd chapter of Genesis portraits the devil as a serpent (snake) and no doubt he’s been up to his name. You see a snake doesn’t just attack you as you come into his pathway, he simple wait for an opportune time to attack and at a spot where it knows it can get you. Not only that, the enemy is very cunning.

The devil understands and sees all the situations we face on a daily basis and thus knows the right buttons to push and when to push them. Often times the devil brings our financial situation(s) before us and at the same time showing us HIS way out of it, e.g. stealing money to pay our bills. He tries to get us to doubt and even to stop worshipping God. At times when we should be giving God praise and thanks our minds are burden with the yoke of financial distress we are in. At this time it’s very important for us to remember that Man does not live by bread alone but by the words of God. We are also to remember that at times the Lord will take from us His provision and only gives us what we need to survive (like he did with Israel when he fed them with manna EVERYDAY) to test us to see if we will hold on to him and serve him before He leads us into the promise land.

Like Jesus many of us are tempted to use our God given abilities whether spiritual (spiritual gifts) or natural (eg singing, intellectual, skills etc) to use for fame and fortune and to get the love and approval of the masses. How many people around the world you see using their talents to gain fame and fortune while at the same time serving the devil? Many of us use the disguise of serving God while their goal is to become rich and famous. Indeed many because of the love of money has pierced their own soul with many sorrows. Jesus too faced this temptation but he rejected it, we should also.

The last temptation of Jesus is something that we all are tempted with, to have power, as power can be very intoxicating. All of us want some form of power as with power we have authority and to some extent depending on the level of power we have, fame, wealth and status. From the beginning of creation man yearns for power to the point of killing others for power. Nations fight against nations for the right to rule, few became superpowers. Power is very intoxicating and many of us fall into this trap. The thirst and fight for power doesn’t stop outside of the but you see members fighting each other for positions (James 4:1-12) when they should be working together trying to build the Kingdom of God, instead the deception of power has gripped their hearts, minds and souls. Jesus had the opportunity to stun the world and gain power, but at what price? Jesus understood power given by the devil is only superficial and can be very destructed, instead he chose to live as a ‘no body’ to gain the approval of God. Today the same ball is in our court, what will you do? Are you willing to follow in Jesus example and rejected the power that comes not from God but the devil? Jesus understood that any movement or power gain through physical force or stepping on others foot will ultimately fail and be destructive, do you realize the same?

Although Jesus was God he was confronted, like us, with opportunities to sin, but he didn’t. Instead of arguing with the enemy He shows us that we have a real weapon we can use to defeat the enemy “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”- 2 Corinthians 10: 4- he used the Word of God, we too should follow in His footstep.



Before Jesus started his ministry he first was tested by the enemy thus to demonstrate his right to be the . Like Jesus, each one of us before we go into ministry is tested to see if we can handle what our ministry will entail. Before God can trust you with power, he first has to test you to see if you can handle what he is about to give you. God at times will put us into a very depressive situation so as to prove us and strengthen us so that when he exalts us we will not make a mess of our ministry.

If you are seeking spiritual gifts and or ministries in the Kingdom of God, prepare to be tested first, like Jesus you however have the means to succeed.

Please see my other article: What can the temptations of Jesus tells us about what the Jews expected of him?

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