Have You Become Too Distracted in Church to Worship?

Have you notice that the introduction of, or the growth of, smartphones and tablets have created a situation where people are no longer bothering to bring Bibles to church as they can simple read the Bible on their smartphones and tablets?

That is not such a bad thing, using technology in church as I do believe it is a step in the right direction as technology can do so much to enhance, or aid our worship. However, it has opened another door in which most people are no longer excited about church or focus on the worship and what is being preached on the pulpit as they are too distracted using the latest apps, playing games, texting, using WhatsApp, or simple surfing the net.

I too have found myself in this situation where sometimes I should be worshiping God or listening to the message being preached but I was too distracted texting or doing something on the internet. I am convince that God is very much displeased with this practice, but even though I am aware of this I still at times succumbed to the temptations of texting, reading my emails or searching for something on the internet.
Why have we gotten so addicted to our phones and tablets and can’t seem to put it down when we are at church? Is it that we have lost respect and we have lost the fear of God? Have we made these gadgets that were supposed to enhance our lives into some little gods where we give them more honor and attention than God, the one who should be occupying our thoughts?
And it is not only the kids that are too consumed in playing games that they don’t hear when the pastor or person conducting the service said to stand, but it is also the adults that if they are not playing candy crush, temple run or some other games, they are too busy texting or surfing the internet to get anything substantial out of the service at times.
Where have we gone wrong? How did we reach to the place where we are too consumed with our smartphones and tablets that we forget the true purpose of us going into the house of God in the first place? How many times have the Lord visited us to give us a blessing, or to show us something but we were too consumed in our little world that we missed a move of God or failed to receive a blessing from the Lord?
The Lord is asking us to repent and change our ways before he does something that we will not like so that he can get the praise and our attention. I do agree that sometimes we will have to use our tablets and smartphones outside of reading the Bible or looking up a scripture, but these should be at a minimal and not take up too much of God’s time. When we go into the house of God, it is no longer our time to do as we please, but it is God’s time and his house.
God deserves our worship and attention, let us give unto God what is due unto him and worship him in Spirit and in truth. It is some of these little things, like using our tablets or smartphones in church when we should be focusing on the service that at times the enemy uses to rob us of our anointing, blessings, or breakthrough.

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