3 Signs of a Dying Church

We are living in a church era where the church has become complacent, powerless and unfruitful (Revelation 3:15-17). People are no longer seeing the church as the place to be for help, counseling, and to know more about God, to connect with their creator.

The truth is, many churches cares more about raising an offering than they care about the souls of the people. Many churches are growing in numbers and new churches are being built each month, but are the people growing closer to God? Are the people being delivered from sickness, or demonic torments? Are the people being set free from the captivity of sin and its consequences? The church seems to forget why God put them on the earth.

Gone are the days when the church was the pillar of the community and people where set free from sin, instead now they are allowed to stay in their sinful condition. The church is no longer the church Christ left.

Here are 3 ways to check the spiritual health of your church:

  1. The truth is watered-down, or avoided to please the masses. Only a few churches are willing to speak the truth about sin, everlasting torment in hell, and teach the congregation about what true repentance is. Many churches because they do not want to offend their friends in high places, the homosexuals and lesbians, and those who do not want to change their sinful behavior but at the same time want to attend church, are afraid of speaking the truth about the gospel and consequences of sin. They want to build churches and raise offerings rather than offend sinners; be politically correct and not biblical correct; preach what the people wants to hear and not what God is telling them to preach. As a result of this, thousands of people are being misled by pastors who should be representing Christ and not themselves or the people. Millions of people are going to hell when they should be finding rest because many churches are failing the people, and God.
  2. The church is no spending time talking to God. Gone are the days when prayer was a very important aspect of church services and the church itself. Instead prayers are an after-thought and not priority and of such the people are not praying as they should, or know how to spend hours talking to God because the church is not doing it. Because the church is not spending enough time in prayer, the church is not as strong as it once was and the people are the suffering. If we are walk in power and authority we must be willing to spend time with God on our knees.
  3. There is not much talk anymore about holiness and sin. We are living in a church era where people want to do as they please and then walk in church without confessing their sins or any after-thought of their sins. There is no more fear of God. Pastors prefer to talk about prosperity and everyone going to heaven but do not tell the people that in order for God to bless them and for them to enjoy the benefits of God and go to heaven they must repent. They must forsake sin. People no longer have the fear of God in their heart and worry about the consequences of sin. I strongly believe that sin is one of the main reason why the church have lost its power and can is responsible for the condition of the church today. “I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth…” (Revelation 3:15-17).

It is time for repentance. It is time for the church to return to the place it was when Jesus left it, a church of power and authority and fruitfulness. Christ is coming back for a church that is without any spot or wrinkle, a church that is without blemish (Ephesians 5:27), and it is each one of us responsibility to ensure we are doing our part in the Kingdom of God because he is coming back to pay every man according to their work may be, whether your work is good or bad (Revelation 22:12).

Can you name any other sign of an unhealthy or dying church? What are your thoughts on the church today? Please share your comment with us in the comment box below. We also invite you to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.