4 ways how we can use Social Media to share the Gospel

Businesses and different brands have been using Social Media the moment they realized that by using Social Media platforms for example Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram they can reach their target audience. This is because millions of people share, comment and like post such as videos, quotes, photos and so forth every second of the day.

I have previously written on ways in which churches can use technology to grow their ministry, and also on how we can measure how effective our messages are on these platforms, today I want to focus on attention on Social Media and how those in ministry can use it to reach their target audience.

Social Media is a gold mine for those who knows how to harness its power to achieve desire goals such as profits and engagement with their respective brands or businesses.

Churches and those involve in ministry are now waking up to the fact that they can use the different Social Media platforms to reach their target audience with videos, pics and other post. Everyday leaders, churches, those involve in ministry, and other persons in business make regular post on these platforms in other to engage their respective audience. For example, BibleWayMag uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share new articles, quotes and other post on a regular basis. Other Christian base websites along with many church leaders and persons in ministry have been using these platforms to share the gospel in the form of motivational quotes, videos, musical tracks, Bible verses, articles, links and other form of post.

Should Your Church Be On Social Media Sites Like Facebook?

The quick answer to this question is yes, it would be so wrong on many levels if you are not on any Social Media platform. You may not like any one of them, but you need to put away your personal feelings for the sake of the ministry.  When Jesus was leaving this earth after he rose from the dead he commanded his disciples to spread the gospel around the world.  The disciples didn’t have the technologies that we now have like Television, Internet access, and of course, Social Media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram that is taking over the lives of billions of people around the globe, but we now can use them to our advantages.

The introduction of Social Media sites and its acceptance by the mass provides an opportunity for brands (including churches and those involve in ministry, even individuals) to offer something the public need, information.

Of course there is a lot of negative things being posted on Social Media, but not everything on Social Media is negative and not everyone who goes on it engage in activities that they should not or go on it for the wrong reason(s), for example, I only use Social Media to share quotes and to promote my book and website, and of course to help to spread the gospel.

In a study conducted by Liz Dunn, who is the founder and CEO of Talmage Advisors, she learnt that “consumers trust the opinions of those in their social media group, including friends, bloggers and celebrities, more than messages they are getting directly from brands.”

This is because when people see their friends liking, sharing and talking about a product or brand they will more likely join in with the conversation or start engaging with that brand. Not only that, they will more likely share post and like pages that their friends have already liked, shared or commented on. I personally have like photos are shared videos because I have seen my friends doing so, many of them I would not have paid attention to if my friends weren’t doing so. That is why game developers have tapped into ‘word of mouth’ marketing by allowing those who play their games on Facebook, e.g Candy Crush, to invite friends to play, ask for different things and so forth. This method has no doubt cause these games to be so successful.

So how can churches and leaders use these social media to share the gospel? Here are 4 things we can do on Social Media to share our beliefs. 

How Can We Use Social Media To Share the Gospel?

  1. Share Videos- Videos have become a very popular thing to share, like and watch on social media especially on Facebook. People are more likely to watch a video than to like a photo or read a post. Engagements are high on video post because people simple love to watch videos as it is much more visual than reading a post. Churches can video their services on have them posted on these networks for people to watch, like, comment on, and shared with their friends. This is a great way to spread the gospel as you will be reaching people where they are.

So what kind of videos can you share on Social Media platform like Facebook? Short videos, sermons, choir singing are very popular so have your team create videos that can be shared on these platforms.

  1. Share photos- I personally have created photo quotes (quotes in a picture format) especially to be shared on Social Media platforms I’m on. You can find many apps, web applications, and pc apps or software’s to create these. To great my quotes I use Textgram to create these picture quotes and they have been receiving a lot of shares, likes and comments from people. In fact these posts have been doing 100% better than my other post. This is because people will more likely read what is on a picture and share it than a regular post.

You can have your church logo, or brand added to the photo quote or a link back to your site if you have one.

Have pictures of events at your local church? You can have these posted on your profile and share with people on these platforms. I will guarantee you that you will get some engagement from posting photos on Social Media.

Photos could be a Bible verse, a quote, a motivational quote (people love these), something about the Bible, or Jesus or anything that represents your church or brand mission.

  1. Share inspirational quotes- This is similar to what I have said above, only that the quote doesn’t have to be in the form of a picture. These also get a lot of engagement and will allow people to know about your church or ministry.
  2. Engage people- Millions of people gather on Social Media every second of the day. People have different background searching for something. You can engage them with the right materials and methods and by doing so be an authority figure or church on Social Media.

For this I recommend Facebook as it allows people to do much more, and to interact on a wider bases than other platforms. People regular go on Facebook to see what people and their friends are posting and to also chat with friends. While on Facebook they will engage brands and personnel’s that they like or is posting materials they like. With the right strategy you can engage these people in conversations or other means.

Many people will not step into a church or read their Bible’s, but they will read what you post if it is engaging enough.

Effects of social media on spreading the gospel

You may now be wondering how effective is these social media platforms in sharing your beliefs or church mission? Using Social Media to share the gospel or your belief is very effective as by using these platforms you will be able:

  1. Share your faith or believes with persons that normally would never have listen to a message or read a post about God
  2. You will be able to share inspirational quotes that can uplift people. I remember one time I shared a quote on Facebook and it was so effective that someone left a comment on what impact it had on her, this no doubt encouraged me to continue to make these post.
  3. Help people to know Christ. By sharing quotes, Bible verses, messages, someone will either read it or listen to your message and accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.
  4. Share hope and strengthen people faith. They’re many people on these platforms that are broken and would love for someone to share a quote or motivational word, or a message with them. Everyday someone post a message on Facebook or on another network that gives someone hope or strengthen them.
  5. People will be aware of your personal brand. Whether you want to admit it or not your church is a brand, your pastor is a brand, you are a brand. Once you socialize or communicate with people, or share stuff you are a brand and whatever you share or post reflects you and what your represent. When you share stuff on Social Media platforms people will come to know your brand and trust you. When they need what you offer they will come to you. After you have built a presence on your chosen social media platform you will be in a position to introduce them to other things e.g Bible study courses, lesson plans, books and other materials.
  6. Bring people to your church doorsteps. People will read your post, see your photos or watch your videos and want to know more about your church or ministry and want to be a part of it. Some might even send donations to your ministry for its growth as they believe in what you are doing and want to be a part of it.
  7. Get invitations to events. Depend on what you represent or do, people will want to invite you to speak at their event, thereby allowing more people to hear about Jesus Christ and what you offer. For example if you share preaching sermons they might invite you to preach at your church or convention or refer someone to you. If you share motivational quotes or videos they might invite you to speak to their members or at some events.

How Social Media Help Us to Spread the Gospel

Social Media sites help us to spread or share the gospel by letting users on these platforms know more about Jesus and how they can overcome their challenges. On these platforms remember the gospel is not only about Bible verses and preaching to people, you can mix up your post with motivational/inspirational quotes that gives people hope or strengthen them.  When users interact with your post or page whatever your intent was when you made and share your post, you will have accomplished that goal.

For example, when users see your motivational quote, they will immediately be inspired. Even if they do not pay much attention to your post, the fact that they see it and read it means that a seed has been planted in their spirit even if they do not realise it. Do not focus on instant rewards if you do not see the results you have been hoping for, just keep posting and your consistency will be rewarded.

Many people have received strength by reading other people post and some have even given their lives to Christ after reading a post or interacting with a page or post. Not only this, many backsliders have been convicted after reading a post or watching a video on these platforms.

You must keep in mind that the main reason people go on these platforms is to gain knowledge, whether they want to learn what their friends or other people are posting, watch a video or to interact with their favourite brands or personalities. You have something to share just like everyone else who goes on these platforms.


If you are not using Social Media to spread or share the gospel then you are denying potential Christians from hearing the gospel and being saved. Moreover, you have the right spiritual food that the people starving for and denying them is just so wrong. Remember you have a mission to give hope and restore the lost to Christ. Many people are starving for an encouraging word or just to hear something about Jesus that would uplift their spirit and take them out of the rot they are in. If you have not yet started using Social Media as a part of your ministry, I would encourage you to get started as soon as possible.

How else can churches and those in ministry use Social Media to spread the gospel? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below


  1. Amazing write up on social media and it’s gains , this information it’s an eye opener.
    I have what the world needs and i must start to share the gospel of Jesus on all my social media platforms.
    Thank you so much and God bless you real good .