6 DIY Personalized Tote Bags Ideas for Mom


6 DIY Personalized Tote Bags Ideas for Mom

The tote bag’s status is stealth. A tote bag telegraphs not merely money but also access, culture, ethics encapsulating an idea psychologists popularized. To be precise, they spoke about how happiness grows through experiences than through your purchases. And, a tote can help experiences grow.

1. Hand print Flowers Tote Bag


Hand print Flowers Tote Bag

A tote is the most versatile bag a woman can ever own. If one starts making a list of its uses, the list will definitely cross hundred. And, thus, every mother needs such a large bag they you can carry anywhere and put anything inside it, and each and every woman must have at least one tote in their bag collection. If you are low on budget, you can go for the hand print flowers tote bag. Simply buy a plain tote and easily transform it into its cheerful version for your mom. Wondering how to do it? Start with simple prints. Think of bright sunflower totes or petal personalized bags.

2. Decorated Totes


Decorated Totes

If you think you are too big to decorate the tote for your mom with your fingerprints or hand prints. Don’t worry. Why not decorate it in some other way? You can simply write ‘Mommy’ in sequins or write a quote, preferably her favorite quote.

3. Personalized Monogram Stenciled Tote Bag


Personalized Monogram Stenciled Tote Bag

All you’ll need are as follows,

  • A canvas tote bag of any color.
  • Soft Fabric Paint of your choice.
  • A large paper oily (about 12″)
  • Adhesive Sprays
  • A sponge brush to paint.

You will simply have to, spray any one side of the doily with the spray adhesive and, place the doily on a corner of your bag. Then, use your fabric paint and paint over the holes in the doily. Do remove the doily before the paint dries. And, have the monogram ready.

4. Simple Decorated Tote bag


Simple Decorated Tote bag

For a simple decoration on your tote, take the mismatched and loose buttons and give them a new life on a tote bag. Yes, it is going to look unique. You can stick the buttons on the handle to complete the look. Thinking of another option? A spray painted straw tote would also look pretty stylish. A simple tube of silver spray paint is all you will need to transform the old straw tote and give it a chic summer look, your mom will love. Spray paint the whole tote, or add the spray painted tassels.

5. DIY Eraser Stamped Tote Bag


DIY Eraser Stamped Tote Bag

This is not as difficult as you think it’ll be. You will need:

-Freezer Papers

-Puff Paints


-Canvas Tote


Then, you’ll have to make stencils of all the shapes or shape you wish to paint on the freezer paper.  Cut the inside part of the stencil. Iron the stencil to the tote, having the shiny face downwards.  After the freezer paper has been ironed down, insert a piece of freezer paper to the bag to secure the paint from leaking.Having done that, start painting right away!  Dip the eraser end into the puff paint and dot the tote. Paint scattered dots above the end of the first color so that the next shade overlaps.

Similarly, you can use the cut side of half an apple, dipped in a bright colored paint, and stamp it onto an ordinary canvas tote bag and backpack for special personalized gifts for her. And, for a leaf print tote bag for your mom, who loves gardening, pick up the leaves from your garden to stamp the bag for her.

6. Personalized Photo Transfer Tote


Personalized Photo Transfer Tote

Do not hide all those favorite family photos in an old wallet or keep them in an old album use them to flaunt them on your mother’s day tote bag for your mom. All you have to do is, pick up the favorite photos and take it to the nearby copy shop and have it thoroughly copied there- but not on a photo paper. Then, brush generously with Liquitex glosses till it is saturated completely. Place it downwards on the tote bag in such a way, that the back of the picture faces you. Leave it dry overnight. Then work on it in sections, spray with water and brush/rub it until an outer layer comes off. You will see that the image is coming through below. It may appear to be messy. But, do not stop. It may appear to be worn when done, but remember, that is the part of its look! Some parts of the image may come off but do not stress, it will look fine when done. Those who have experimented with a personalized photo transfer bag find it to be one of the best personalized gifts for mom.

Other Ideas:

Have you ever thought of a beach-towel tote? If you have planned to surprise your mom by taking her off to a vacation or weekend getaway, with just few stitches and a bath towel turn it into an all-purpose beach tote and mat bag.