7 Great Tips to Throw a Budget Friendly Birthday Party for Kids

Birthday parties have special importance in kids’ lives and, therefore, many parents get unnecessarily extravagant on these occasions. You also perhaps want to do everything for your child’s happiness on his or her birthday. But your budget doesn’t quite allow you to roll out your plans.

However, you don’t actually have to splurge big bucks to celebrate your child’s special day. In fact, if you can focus on a little bit of creativity and careful planning, nobody can stop you from throwing an awesome birthday bash. By keeping it a low affair, choosing a reasonable venue, introducing interesting themes, and including a large variety of games, you can make it a memorable event without having to spend a whole lot of money.

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It rather doesn’t make too much sense when some parents spend too much money to throw over the top parties for their kids. The priority should be fun because this is what kids’ enjoy doing the most and so nobody needs to go overboard. At the end of the day, you will be able to create a personal and meaningful event for everyone because this is what constitutes an extremely thoughtful gift on the part of parents.

We have some amazing tips to share with you so that you can throw a budget friendly birthday party for your kids.

1- Start Planning Early

Timely planning is the key to the events in which you want to cut the overspending. However, to make your kid’s birthday party successful, you have to start planning as early as possible. You will get enough time to comparison shop so that you can collect necessary supplies in lower costs. Plus, you will save yourself from the last minute hassle, which often results into forgetting a lot of things. Also, the 11th hour scrambling for the party goods makes you much more.

2- Do It Yourself

There are a number of businesses running out there that help busy parents in planning parties. Though this convenience seems tempting it costs big bucks, too. Rather, sometimes it is much easier to do things for yourselves. You can get help from your friends to make decorations using craft items. It is an opportunity to use your imagination to personalize things and activities. Your guests would definitely like your personalization approach on various things. They couldn’t stop themselves from grabbing water bottles with customized birthday water bottle labels on them, which you designed yourself. When it comes to preparing cakes, you can easily learn basic skills of making and decorating them. It will be far cheaper and you would love it for sure.

3- Choose A Cheaper Venue

Expensive venues take away a sizeable chunk of your budget, so it is better to hold the party at home. But for houses that don’t have enough space to entertain all the excited party guests, you still have a few good options. Consider hiring a local church or a community hall. They are often free or really low cost. You can also ask your close friend or relative to allow their premises for a few hours. Organizing the party at a local park is also a nice idea. You only need to approach the concerned authorities or chairpersons to make decorations and to avail its amenities.

4- Introduce Fun Activities

As we already mentioned, fun is at the heart of children’s birthdays. You can include many activities and traditional party games to let everyone enjoy your child’s special day. These activities will really make your kid’s birthday party come to life. You have a range of options to entertain your young as well as adult guests, for example, musical chairs, musical numbers, pass the parcel, and a simple treasure hunt is some of the tried and tested party games that are fully enjoyed by everyone. The best part of these activities is they do not cost anything at all.

5- Pick An Interesting Theme

Themed parties have a special excitement to them and the guests connect more easily with everybody present in the party. A particular theme helps create a cohesive look and feel for the party. A specific theme leads to creative party decorations, games as well as food. We can suggest you some ideas for interesting themes. If you are celebrating your daughter’s birthday, consider it making a Pink Party, where every guest will have to wear pink. Second, a pool party will be great for active kids. Third, a rainbow party is a perfect occasion to throw a multi-colored extravaganza. Likewise, there could be a number of other theme ideas that you can use.

6- Consider Inexpensive Yet Delicious Food

Food and drinks also constitute a major part of your budget but they are very important nonetheless. However, as far as birthdays are concerned, cakes, cupcakes, ice creams, and juices are most liked by children. So, you can consider making it a dessert party. You can also encourage your guests to bring any of their favorite dishes, thereby cutting down significantly on your costs. Moreover, with the help of your family or friends, you can serve homemade sandwiches, pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs and stews to your guests.

7- Simple And Crafty Décor

Party doesn’t mean you have to spend a great deal of money to make your party venue look fabulous. Instead of putting in a swirl of decorations, use only a few and find ways how to minimize the costs. You can use paper chains, banners, and various color combinations to make your party décor attractive. Many colorful balloons will help you transform your venue into a party area for sure and that too without spending too much. You can also consider using attractive fabrics, ribbons, and sash for decorations.

Wrap Up

Kids’ birthday parties are the occasions that allow parents an ample room to use their creativity and craft if they have to cut huge costs. Despite using pertinent steps to check the budget; fun, entertainment and enjoyment should not be cut down, for this is the sole purpose of spreading happiness in the form of kids’ birthday parties.