Baby proofing electrical and fire equipment at home matters

All kids are naïve and they love learning from their mistakes. With that said, it is extremely difficult to keep a watch on all children throughout the day in terms of their safety. While you may get busy in the kitchen or have guests over, you wouldn’t want to find out about your crawling baby sticking his tiny fingers inside an electrical outlet.

You might have to undergo a few changes in order to maintain electrical and fire safety at home for young children. Believe it or not, all babies are super attracted to dangerous house items, just like moths are to a flame!

Check out a few tips below which can save your child’s life and you, the trouble when we talk about electrical and fire hazards.

Check all Power Outlets below knee level

The power outlets can cause the most amount of danger when you have new crawlers at home. Not only are crawling babies super curious about the world but they are daring too. You wouldn’t want to take a chance, trust us!

As far as outlets are concerned, check them and replace them if they are not tampering proof. The tamper proof outlets are sealed with a thin layer of plastic which allows nothing to pass through unless a plug (both sides) are inserted simultaneously.

Plastic Outlet Covers

There is a chance that your outlets may be the regular ones and if you are residing in a rented apartment, we can understand that you cannot replace them for your child. The plastic outlet covers play the idyllic role in such cases. Not only are they readily available online and in super markets but they are easy to fix and difficult for the baby to remove.

Heaters and Stoves

Children love fire and it’s amazing hues. It is your responsibility as an adult to make sure that your child is not in the same area where there is fire. Whether the fire is lit on a barbeque grill, a heater or simply on the stove, it should be monitored at all times.

Firstly make sure you turn it off and let it cool before allowing your child to be in the same vicinity. Secondly, it is ideal to keep an emergency kit and a fire safety blanket handy in case of urgent situations.

Wiring Tips

All electric devices have wires. While they may seem unimportant, it is best that you pay attention to them and tie them with a proper strap. Your child may wrap the wires around his neck for fun or he might simply want to bite on them. In both cases, wires can be dangerous.

The ideal way is to seal them up is with black tape or for better results, cover them up with a plastic wrap (straw shaped). Talk to your electrician on the topic or simply resort to a DIY project.

Your child’s life is important. Make safety changes at home and avoid all electrical and fire hazards without trouble.