God’s Teachings Last For Eternity

God’s Teachings Last For Eternity

Nowadays, Christians are exposed to many different forms of teachings based on the word of god. Interestingly, some of these teachings do erode the truthfulness and authority that lies in words of the Almighty. When a person is saved for the first time, it is easy for them to accept that the bible is the word of God and that it is free from imperfections. At first, it all makes sense, since the words of God emphasis on the need for salvation and the steps to take to achieve it. It all boils down to the issue of trust. How can one be sure that they are free from sin, without the virtue of trustworthiness?

There is a high probability that a firm believer will have their beliefs challenged at one point in their life. In our schools and colleges, atheist tutors will wittily quote all manner of facts in a bid to question and water down the Bible’s teachings. Young people are at risk of being brainwashed while some are likely to go on the defensive and stick to what they have always known.

Young students who enroll in a Christian institution also face the same dilemma. Extremists and bible scholars will be heard undermining the writings from certain Bible versions claiming that they differ with those from the original book. You will even hear them questioning the translation of popular verses in the Bible before giving a “better translation”.

However, the truth of the matter is that most of these translations are not in line with teachings of the apostles and other Bible characters. But instead, they boldly declare, “the Lord saith”!

They draw their confidence and boldness from the book of Psalm 12:6-7 which asserts that all the Lord’s words are pure. The verse does not state “word of god”, but instead uses the plural “words”. It means exactly what is states rather than referring to some generalized truth. The verse goes further to state that those words should be preserved for eternity.

It doesn’t matter what age of the world we live in, what matters is that we are all able to access the teachings of the Almighty. So, the next time a so-called bible scholar tries to erode the confidence you have in the Bible’s teachings, remember the words contained in the book of Psalms. The Lord promised that he would keep his teachings intact and accessible to all humanity. It is for this reason that you should always trust the holy book and seek to understand the actual words, not just the message.

You ought to know that the author of the words of God, the holy spirit, firmly stands by them and so should you. In conjunction with transforming people through the teachings of Christ, he performs his works through the same scriptures. Jeremiah 1:1 contains some encouraging scriptures that point towards the trustworthiness, reliability, and steadfastness of the word of God. Quoting God’s words, the verse reads, ” I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.” None of the non-believers will understand this message, but faithful believers, through prayer will.

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