Bringing the Church to Social Media

What’s going on with social media today?

As many people worldwide are already aware, social media has significantly impacted modern day societies. Children are now being raised with the privilege to stream through social websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and an entire list of more social media sites. Social media has caused relationships to falter, detrimentally ruining relationships that would have lasted longer if it weren’t for social media. The impact that it has on humanity all together should not be ignored or pushed aside.

Why is it important to bring the Church to social media?

          The church is a very significant and important temple of God. The congregation of the Church is the exact center of God. Without the congregation, there would be no church. Social media has broadcasted many atrocities, including deaths and hate crimes. It is simply crucial for the church to take up arms (Their bibles) and charge straight into the center of social media!

How both the Church and social media can benefit together

          In the book of Mark, chapter 16, verse 15, It reads; He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” What does this particular verse mean exactly? Social media was created and formulated by mankind. One can firmly believe that social media is a powerful outlet for publicity, marketing, and promoting an idea or issue. This is a stable and quite powerful idea that the Church can speculate for a better relationship with God.

Social media is not something that the Church should be running from; it’s something that the Church should integrate, having insight on all of the positive possibilities when utilizing social media.

Physically incapable children of God

          In the book of Acts, chapter 14, verse 8, It reads; “At Lystra, a man was sitting who had no strength in his feet, lame from his mother’s womb, who has never walked.” There are millions of people across the globe that have minor or even severe disabilities. Not every child of God can walk or climb into a vehicle to make it to the church or holy temple. One thing that can be said is that almost every child of God has access to social media in some sort of fashion.

Preachers, priests, and ministers alike have the ability to speak the Word of God through social media. This helps the disabled gain a sense of confidence with their relationship with God. More disabled children of God would now be able to sit in their living rooms with their tea-lit candles, reading or listening to the Gospels from their tablet, phone, or computer device.

Deepening the relationship between God and the new generation

          The representation of Jesus Christ always has always symbolized peace, tranquility, and love. Younger groups within society today wear chains with the face of Jesus Christ hanging from a necklace purchased from a church goods supplier. Social media has promoted this fashion trend in a negative light. Necklaces of Jesus Christ and the Cross should be worn in respect to God’s love. The generations to come should be equipped with proper knowledge of the symbols they represent around their necks. To deepen this knowledge and relationship, it must first start with the younger children of God.

The Church has the power and ability to host online courses that teach young adults about the history and meaning of the Gospels. It is imperative to understand that the new generation today can easily navigate through social media. Young adults will be equipped with more knowledge on the Gospels and what they actually represent. If the Chruch were to integrate with social media, further generations to come would be able to quickly convey the message of God on to their peers.

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