4 Qualities Every Preacher Should Have

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What we are seeing in the 21 century is a generation of preachers who is only concern with what they can get out of preaching, and not how they can serve. Preaching is big money business these days as a lot of preachers prey on the people need for answers and a way out of their situation.

Let’s face it; people are struggling more than ever:

  1. Financial crisis
  2. Problems at home and work
  3. Crime and violence plaguing our society
  4. Morality on a decline
  5. Sickness and diseases on the rise

People are in desperate need for help. And there are preachers who see this as a ‘Get Rich Quick’ Scheme.

I am convinced that a lot of people who are preaching these days are only doing it for what they can get out of it, I don’t have the statistics to back this up, but I know it, they know it, and if you don’t know it then you need to open your eyes a little wider.

However, there are a few ministers of the Gospel that have a genuine desire for the people and the work of the ministry, and they are the real preachers. So what are some of the qualities or things preachers should possess? Today I would like to talk about for things every preacher should have. Here they are:

4 Qualities of a Good Preacher

  1. They Are Called to the Ministry.

Just like every one of us can teach someone something new, not all of us are teachers; in a similar way, everyone can take up a microphone and preach a message from the Bible, but not everyone has a calling to preach the Word of God to his people.

Preaching the Word of God is not another profession, but it is a genuine calling by God to SERVE the people God puts in your reach, not to serve yourself.

[tweetthis] Preaching without callings is like driving a vehicle without fuel[/tweetthis]

Ministers should be servants of God, and then servants of the people, not the people serving them. Not only that, God is the one who calls preachers, not preachers calling themselves to the ministry. Therefore preachers MUST preach what God says, the people may not want to hear it, but if God says it, that is what you should preach or teach. It is not a feel-good profession where you come each week to hype up the congregation for the week, but it is a calling by God to bring the people closer to God.

  1. Preachers Should Be Teachable

No one is prefect and so you will not always get it right the first, second or even third time. Preachers should be able to learn from their mistakes and correct themselves when the next opportunity arises. You must also learn from other people, be able to take criticisms because you will meet a lot of negative comments throughout your ministry. As a preacher you have to learn to handle criticisms well and be able to learn not only from your own mistakes, but also from what other people are doing.

[tweetthis] A preacher who is not willing to be taught is like a driver who does not follow the road code[/tweetthis]

Most importantly, God must be able to teach and correct you.

  1. Self-denial

Being a minister of the Gospel is not a 9-5 job; therefore you must be willing at times be willing to attend to the needs of the people at any time, even at late hours of the night. A suicidal teen mother calls you at 3a.m in the morning needing your help, are you going to tell her that it is too late, she should call you in the morning? No!

  1. Preachers Must Have a Passion for Ministry

A lot of people want the power, influence and the privilege comes with being a Preacher, but they lack the passion. These are the people who often times burn out quickly or turn in the towel when things get rough. They do not have what it takes to whether the storms.

Preaching the Gospel will not always be a bed or roses; there will be times when you are loved by everyone, and then another time when you are hated. There will be times when the church is facing many difficulties and everyone will be looking to you for direction. There will be times when even those close to you will abandon you and you feel all alone, but God is expecting you to stay the course no matter what may come your way.

You must also show passion in your delivery of the Word of God. The people must feel the passion for what you are saying and for the work of the ministry.

Not only must you have passion for the ministry, but you must show it in how you deal with the people. Show the people that you genuinely care about their needs and about them.

Get this, not every time you will feel like counseling a couple in problems, are speaking to a group of teenagers, or helping a widow with her financial problems, but you must learn to put your feelings aside for the work of the ministry. At times Jesus was tired and hungry, but when the people came for a word, and for deliverance he put his personal needs a side for their sake.

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