Everybody Needs Love: 15 Things You Want To Hear

Everyone felt this splendid magic feeling as love for once in life. I think everybody agrees with me that this feeling can’t be confused with anything else. Love makes the world go around. Love makes people live, laugh and do crazy things. This feeling encourages. This feeling makes us better. Ideally, your love shares with someone special and it returns to you. And when you fall in love, you want to hear constantly the good things from your special one. Here are the 15 things that you`d want to hear every day from your loved one:


  1. “I want to be with you forever.”


There`s nothing better that these words! If you hear them you realize that your loved one misses you and would like to spend every free minute only with you!


  1. “You are my everything.”


It`s so pleasant to know that you’re the center of someone`s world and you are someone`s main reason for living. It’s so flattering to be valued so highly.


  1. “I need you.”


You always want to feel wanted. You want to realize that your partner can’t live without you and your presence. When you hear this phrase you understand how important you are for your significant other.


  1. You make me happy.”


Each one of us wants to be the source of happiness for the special person. Of course, knowing that you’re doing everything to make your partner happy will keep you eager to make your loved one feel that way again and again.


  1. “I appreciate you and everything you do for me.”


Appreciating you and what you do for your loved one every day is one of the best ways to save your long-term love and to protect your relationship from different troubles such as cooling off, breakups, indifference and so on.


  1. “I respect you and your opinion.”


If we want that the relationships with the partner will be successful and trembling we have to start with just mutual respect. If you respect your partner your partner will respect you.


  1. “I love you.”


If you love saying about your feeling. Saying that loudly. Saying that non-stop to your loved one.


  1. “I’m always proud of you.”


We all need support and confidence in the partner. When we hear such phrase “I’m always proud of you” you know whatever you do, you have the person who always sustains you.


  1. “You look perfect.”


It`s a great feeling for everybody to hear that he or she looks perfect today. It`s more gratefully to hear these words every day from your loved one.


  1. “Thank you.”


Saying “Thank You” is a nice way to make your loved one feel agreeable and wanted. These two small words have a deep sense and can always please us.


  1. “Sorry.”


If we do something wrong, it’s not a big deal in the case when we can admit to this error and just say such a simple word “Sorry”.


  1. “I trust you, my dear.”


With all the negativity around us, it`s difficult to trust somebody today. When we hear these words, we know “Now I have the person whom I can trust”.


  1. “You can always count on me.”


We all need the person who can lend a helping hand to us at any time. We always wait for these words from our nearest and dearest people.


  1. “You are the best.”


Just the word “best” holds a different meaning that other compliments and it seems it hits us a little differently right to the core.


  1. “I’d like to go with you to the uninhabited island.”


When you hear such lovely words addressed to you, you realize that your loved one is the every person with whom you can be afraid of nothing and your significant other wants to see only you next to… every day and everywhere. Your partner doesn`t need other people, quite the contrary, your loved one prefers to be alone with you.  


Remember! The person near you always wants to hear some simple but so pleasant things from you. It`s not difficult to tell them, but so important to hear them.

NB: This is a guest post