Toys and games that will enhance your Children IQ

Most people think that toys are only meant for keeping children busy. Most parents buy toys so that their children can be busy playing with them as they go about their daily activities. But actually this is not the case, study shows that toys are an avenue for enhancing creativity, Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and emotional development.

Board games are always a point of education and entertainment for kids. They will enable the kid to stay in a fixed position doing constrictive work instead of indulging in nonconstructive activities. Focusing on these critical board games enable them to develop creativity and a high IQ. We are going to highlight on how board Toys and games that will enhance your kids IQ work this out.

The toys and games that will enhance your child’s IQ include;

1. Perfection board games

These are the best games for your kid. After taking part in them. Your kid will outsmart all the others who have not tried it. Hasbro Perfection Game is an Original version game with 25 pieces. Here your kid will be needed to race against time. One needs to get all the 25 pieces in the tray before the time is up. This will help your kid learn about shapes recognition and develops quick decision making.

2. Rubik’s cube

This is a multi-colored 3-D combination puzzle. It contains different faces depending on the type of cube in question. In a classic Rubik’s the six faces are covered by a complete nine stickers comprising of 6 solid color. One needs to twist each of the cubes and ensure that each face has only one color. Doing this needs high creativity and critical thinking. When you subject your kid to this and he or she completes the puzzle successfully. Then the kid is a genius!!’

3. Qwirkle

This is all about mixing and matching the colors to win. It is one where an individual needs to match colors and shapes that require tactical maneuvers, quick thinking and a well-planned strategy. Player will be awarded points by arranging columns and rows to come up with a unique pattern where the colors an the shapes are all the same. No duplicates should appear. This is a highly engaging game that will help the concentration of your kid rise to its maximum.

4. Rush hour games.

This games will turn you kid into a small driver. He or she will be needed to make creative decisions about parking and driving options. It has for level which start from the beginner level to an expert level. Different cars are arranged on piece of board which is in a form of a parking lot and a road. Your kid will be needed to maneuver around with this vehicle until a way is created for one specific vehicle to move. When the kid gets to the expert level, then he or she must be having a high intelligence and creativity level.

These are just but some of the board games, although there are many of them in the market. It is important that parents get the best for their kids. You should not just choose any toy or game for your kid, but always ensure you develop objectives of what you want your child to gain from the toys. The above discussed is just a summary of how board Toys and games that will enhance your kids IQ work.

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