What kind of women is loved by men?


The majority of women worry about their outside beauty; they want to be impressive and stunning, based on confidence that it’s the main qualities of involving man’s attention. The American scientists have found out, that appearance is a crucial factor only for men who are not ready for the committed relationship. Men, interested in founding family, assess other qualities of a person.

An intellect

Men don’t like intelligent women, it’s not true. Sociologists interviewed male representatives in over 30 countries around the world. And it turns out the overwhelming majority of them (especially in developed countries) appreciate woman’s intellect higher than the outer beauty. Our countrymen stand by them, one of every two men is striving to find a wife to match. But here’s a funny thing, they’re scared of unintelligible women demonstrating intellectual superiority over others. It’s essentially important for them to feel like a leader, at any rate.


Most men are a little wary of the cover girls. They consider them to be self-centered, self-confident and fixated on their appearance, choosing to marry more comely and attractive women. Most of them don’t feel particularly comfortable next to such hot ladies.

Warm- heartedness

According to man’s opinion, a woman should definitely have such qualities of character as kindness, gentleness, sensitivity and caring. The older man, the more he wants to meet a true life partner with the open heart, who will able to listen, to feel sympathy and to support.


From man’s point of view, their lives will never get boring with an active, an inquisitive and a liberal woman. She is always interested in something, making up things, spurring man’s curiosity.


As mentioned earlier, men can’t stand opinionated women, but nothing about self-confident. By male mean, independence and dignity make a woman more sexual and mysterious. Men want to make such ladies fall for them and feel like conquerors. If a special lady always doubts herself, the partner will start to doubt about her attractiveness. That’s why you should never criticize yourself before a man.

Body proportions

Not all among men are fond of the notorious “90×60×90”. Virile men like women of ample proportions. An excessive sort of skinny is appreciated only by 8% of male. So, crazy diets where you starve yourself will not help. In fact, only the right body proportions are considered to be attractive for the majority of men. Like in Romance Compass.

The idea of body proportions was proclaimed by Leonardo DaVinci and since that time it had ingrained into man’s subconscious. The artist considered that the most tempting proportions are represented by women, who has a special ratio of waistline and hips, but no more that 0,85. It’s very interesting, but present day doctors, specialized in an aesthetic surgery, call the same rate.

A special smell

Within a few seconds our nose can determine the belonging of a human to “our” or “not our” subconscious groups, that will help us to understand, is it comfortable next to him or not. And if a nose doesn’t like something, nothing will help – no pretty, no three higher educations, no villa on fashionable seaside resorts.

The smell of body helps to find a woman, who will be perfectly compatible with him in sex and will give birth to a healthy baby. We can’t sway the process of choosing, this happens subconsciously. Our body produces pheromones, substances, causing sex drive in the opposite gender. Don’t overdo using perfume, otherwise, it will cover the smell of your body and pheromones won’t stand any chance.