How to Build a Shelter and a Fire in the Jungle? Survival Hacks

The wildlife trips are holding the interests of the avid tourists. Hence, throughout the world, a custom hospitality industry is developing. Accommodations are being built in the nearby regions, tour guides having a thorough knowledge of the geography of the area are being hired by both the government and private agencies. In this prim and proper world, is there any relevance of building a shelter and fire in the jungle?

How to Control the Unforeseeable Situations?

What if you stray away from the group and lose your way in the center of the dense forest? Jungle survival hacks can always come in handy. If such a misfortune strikes you in the middle of the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in India, you might have a dire need of the survival tips and especially the knowledge of building a shelter and fire in the jungle so that you can stay safe from the predators.

Build a Jungle Shelter

The Tips

The primary aim of a jungle shelter is to block the predators and keep you warm. Depending on the time of visit, the weather conditions might differ. Nevertheless, the night-time temperature may drastically fall. Hence, the makeshift shelter that you create should be capable of cutting off the wind and keep the inside environment insulated. In addition, you need to take care of the ceiling if it happens to be a rainy season.

The point is to find a shelter that keeps you secure from the weather vagaries along with the ferocious predators like the Bengal tigers or the Indian leopards that frequent Tadoba Tiger Reserve. When stuffed with the grass or the leaves, a garbage bag or a trap could turn as a lifesaver. Remember that you need to build a makeshift shelter that serves the above-mentioned purposes. There is no need to turn it as cozy as the resorts at Tadoba national park.

If possible, it is better to search for a cave after verifying there is no tiger or the reptiles like Indian python, Russel’s viper and the Indian cobra. Even if you find such a shelter during the twilight, better to stay away from it and wait for the daybreak. You need to first ascertain the safety of the area.

Build a Fire in the Jungle

The Tips

Before we enlist the tips to build a fire in the jungle, first know how to start a fire without catching the entire area on flames. The Tadoba Tiger Reserve belongs to a dry zone hence, care must be taken against the wind direction.

The far-sighted glasses could be of a great help. You just need to spit on it and place it at the correct angle before the pile of a kindling. You need to properly blow on it to start the flame.

Lithium batteries of the Smartphones along with conductive elements can help start a spark thereby generating a fire in the kindling.

Knowledge is the strength. There is no point to stay ignorant when the tips might help you avoid a critical situation. Hence, a smart traveler should know the ways to survive in the jungle.