Tips for Safe Pest Control

Tips for Safe Pest Control


Pests have become a major problem in worldwide. They have become a peril in every area of human occupation. They are a constant cause to several diseases and damage to valuable properties. So pest control is very necessary. There are several chemicals available in the market today which are often used for control the pests. But people should use chemicals carefully and utmost safety. Because there are some side effects of chemicals used in controlling pests. Generally chemical used for controlling insects etc are poisonous, so people should use them with utmost safety. Here are some important tips for using insect control. These informative tips can give you an insight into everything you need to know about safe use of insect control chemicals.


Insect control chemicals must be done with utmost care and safety. It does not matter where you are using – in your household items or your vegetable gardens. Remember, chemicals using for controlling insects are toxic so be careful. So, before using them you should use hand globe. After finishing task you should wash your hands with soaps or shampoos. I think if you do not mind on your budget you can hire a professional for using chemicals of insect control.

You should not involve your children while you are using chemicals of insect control. Keep your children far away from such chemicals.

If you are using insect killer chemicals on your household items or kitchen utensil, use them 4 or 5 hour later after washing and cleaning them well. You should wash your kitchen utensils with washing soaps or liquids of good quality.

Use insect or pest control chemicals in your vegetable gardens carefully. Don’t spread of chemicals in overdose. It may cause to damage of your vegetable plants. Use vegetables after at least one week.

Use of insect killer chemicals in furniture should be also used with utmost care. Use chemicals in appropriate quantity. Don’t use in excessive quantity.

Be sure chemicals you are going to use for pest or insect control are specifically prepared for the insects or pest you are targeting. In today market specific insect killer or control chemical are available. Such as today cockroach killer, mouse traps, rat killer, fly killer, mosquito killer, etc are available in the market.

You should consider substitute of chemical insect killer. For example you can use kerosene, solution of detergent powder, etc to kill some types of insects. You can use leaves of Tulsi, Neem, etc as the substitute of chemical insect killer in food grains.

To avoid disadvantages of chemical insect control you should use biological and organic insect killer. Biological or organic pest controls are safe and harmless.’

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