Top 7 Ideas for Vegetarian Dinner


Even vegans can have a piece of their pie without having to abandon their healthy diet during the season. A dinner during the festive season does not need to have meat, in order to embrace the Romantic spirit. There are multiple ways through which you can remain a vegan and still enjoy your dinner without the need to include the meat. Below are some of the ideas you can apply:

Cheese and onion rolls

It will include making of pastry using flour and then stuffing them with cheese and onions to make a tasty sausage for your dinner. You can also add potatoes in the stuffings, and other garnishes to give it a spicy taste and feeling.

Smoky sweet root vegetables

Almost everything is roasted when it comes to this recipe including the salt. The main ingredient is the carrots and parsnips. You have to get the small and tender ones as they will not be chopped. You will only need to scrub the carrots and then roast them. When serving, include the garnishes to make them presentable and spicy.

Nut roast

It is not only made out of nuts. It also includes cheese, mushrooms, and lentils which are all mixed in their criterion and then roast to come up with a loaf. It serves as a perfect way to prepare festive dinner if you are a vegan.

Mashed cauliflower

You will need to cook the cauliflower by boiling until it is tender. From there, you can mash it up until it is smooth. Add cheese, salt, pepper, while you mash it up altogether in a bowl. It is a simple meal which takes about 20 minutes to prepare.

Brown butter carrots

The main ingredient here is the carrots. It is a simple meal which will only take about 3 hours to make dinner. The 3 hours are to help the carrots cook until they are tender. If you can get them to be tender in less time, it’s better.
by melting butter on a low heat pan which will give the meal a nice brown look, and nutty taste. You will need to add thyme, brown sugar and salt which will help you to season them.

Garlic butter potatoes

You want your food to be spicy and garlic plays a huge role to help you with this. You will need to look for the main ingredient, which are the potatoes. Look for the young ones which are small and tender on the skin. You can add black pepper, salt, and olive oil plus other trimmings to spice up your dinner.

Apple-Brussels sprouts salad

The main ingredients for this special recipe are walnuts, apples and Brussel sprouts. You will be required to toast the walnuts until they turn to golden. From there, mix them up with the Brussels sprouts and apples together with the right dressing of olive oil plus other trimming to complete the meal.

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