10 weight loss secrets revealed from the Celebs

Whether you turn to diet books or search the internet for the best weight loss tips, there are millions of fads or difficult routines which cannot be fully followed, promising weight loss quickly.

For this reason, we have gathered the best weight loss tricks and secrets from the top TV celebs and divas of the featured films which actually work and never come up on the surface to be enjoyed by all of us.

Hence, take a sneak peak of the secret world of weight loss and have a blissful weight shedding journey like never before!

Slow and steady wins the Race

While we learned an important lesson from Mr. Turtle to go slow and win intelligently, by incorporating the same idea in our lives, we can keep off the excess weight effortlessly.
Khloe Kardashian reached her ideal weight in a year and a half and is enjoying it ever since. Why? She opted for the slow and steady course and knowingly stuck to a diet and exercise routine she could merely adopt. Hence, go slow and reach your goal well in time.

Don’t Ditch Exercise For Anything!

Just like food is important for our body, so is exercise. Think how we never gained weight when we were young. It is simply because we kept running and burning our calories.
Jenna Tatum advice all her fans to creatively take out time for exercising daily. She lost her pregnancy weight just by rocking her baby to sleep every day and did lunges and leg exercises up to 45 minutes daily. Hence, if you are stuck behind a desk all day long, simply take out 10 minutes, drop down and do 20! Likewise, if you are a stay at home mom, make the most of the time doing laundry, cooking or washing the dishes and work your legs and arms subsequently.


Satisfy your Cravings every now and then

Completely ditching your favorite snacks and food items can eventually lower your willpower and in turn, make you eat more, experts reveal.
Therefore, opt for Kim Kardashian’s rule and add one tiny unhealthy snack every once in a while to satisfy your cravings. This way, you will not feel the need to eat a whole chocolate bar or a huge slice of cake when it crosses your path untimely. However, control your portions.

Stress is bad for Weight watchers!

Experts say that stress can lead you to make unhealthy food choices on daily basis. Don’t fret about the weight you currently have. Instead, own it in style and work on it one step at a time.
An example is Christina Aguilera and how she lost all the excess weight by opting for Reiki. As Reiki made her feel relaxed and stress-free, she lost weight quickly without extra efforts.

Look for Exercise Buddies and Partners

Another amazing trick to losing weight effectively is to create a social working-out circle from friends and family members. While your friends can add to the motivational factor when running or jogging is in question, you will also not feel lonely and not dodge out on your plans. You might simply go out for a run just because your friend is outside to pick you up!

Melissa Joan Hart lost more than 70 pounds just by turning her workout routine into a social event! She often jogged with her husband and asked her friends to accompany her to the park for a walk.





Know Your Aim!

When you decide to lose weight and keep it off, know why you are doing so. Is it because your friends call you fat or because your husband thinks you need to lose weight?
When you decide to lose weight, do it for yourself and your very own personal fulfillment. No one should be the motivation behind your goal but yourself. Once you know you are doing it for yourself, you will actually put your heart into it.
Jennifer Hudson stated that she went from size 16 to size 6 just because she lost weight for her own satisfaction.


Now that you have stolen the secrets of weight loss from the Queens of the TV, weight loss might feel like a piece of cake after all!

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