10 Must-Have Christian Apps to Grow & Inspire Your Faith

Mobile app development forges ahead, and it’s already ready to help religious people use their smartphones more wisely. Sounds unbelievable? Just view this list of 10 Christian apps to change your mind – and foster your faith in this and many other things!


The sacred writings are always at hand – what can be better for a Christian using a smartphone? This representative of best Christian apps is designed to assist you in making Sacred Book your personal assistant in life. And its popularity shows that people like it – over 100 million downloads!

Probably, because it’s not only useful but also interactive. Precisely, with YouVersion you can listen to the sacred text, make bookmarks, and minimize the writing to the convenient size to carry in your pocket. As a result, you’ll have much more opportunities to talk to God in your life. This app is truly a miracle – it makes so much sense of owning a phone, at least.


Each Christian should remember the text of prayers and your smartphone can assist even in this! Pray as You Go is truly one of the best Christian devotional apps – it makes your daily conversations with God both easier and more accurate in words (especially, in combination with Jesus Calling Devotional, one of best Christian meditation apps). You’ll receive daily notifications from this mobile app that offers you the skeleton of your everyday prayer – capturing the main topics and leaving the space to include your own words in the speech.

And it also makes the praying process more interactive – with a short meditation while thinking about its questions and investigating the accompanying materials offered by the app.


If you think that major broadcasting services are against your faith – that’s wrong. Because Christian movie apps – along with Christian TV apps – do exist!

What makes PureFlix so good? In fact, it’s all about its selection of movies, which is free of any non-Christian content. And so, you can be confident even before watching that your holiday experience in front of a screen won’t be spoiled by unfaithful episodes directors inserted without notifying you in movie description.


Amazing invention of mobile developers for faithful people who don’t want to forget all the people worth their daily prayers. Once mentioned, your important ones will appear in the lines of notification alerts you’ll never miss.

And it’s not only about the variety of people: there’s no difference whether you search for Christian apps for iPhone or Christian apps for Android – this mobile buddy is ready to help you on any platform. Moreover, the content of your prayers can significantly increase with its help – just read the news on a specific feed.


A truly amazing mobile app making you think about the fundamental questions connected with the basics of human existence. Rather unexpected for a mostly entertaining invention of a smartphone, ha? But that’s the essence of Got Questions app.

In particular, with its help, all the believers can find the serious-minded answers about various things in the world that may bother a human. Like an encyclopedia of Christian faith – that brings both knowledge and hope. And it makes Got Questions the best among top Christian apps.


There exist several good Christian news apps, but nothing can beat an opportunity to know all the information that is important from your church specifically. And this mobile app is designed for this – one and only – purpose. And this makes it the best.

Newsletter, establishing connections, broadcasting – these and many other features connected with your community are presented in the app. Each believer can not only attend church on weekends but also actually be with his/her fellow Christians all week long. Simply put, this mobile app turns each faithful person into a community member – and that’s fantastic.


This mobile buddy is just the best invention among Christian apps for kids. With its help, parents won’t feel the need to struggle with the complicated Sacred Book text anymore – this app contains various easy-to-follow stories on its basis.

Just imagine: all the important ideas presented in sacred writings remain deep, interesting and understandable for kids. They can even watch Bible cartoons from the app! Adults will be engaged too, no doubt.


Though the very idea of Christian dating apps sounds strange, this mobile app can actually help you find a person who shares your values. In fact, this dating app is the best because it really works – the number of couples established with the help of eHarmony reaches almost one-tenth of all the marriages in the U.S.!

But that doesn’t mean you must find a life partner there – eHarmony is a great representative of Christian chat apps too. Which means that making friends with fellow Christians is also a feature worth considering and trying this mobile app.


Of course, you can dive into the huge libraries of Spotify or Last.fm for good music, but finding your favorite station among numerous Christian radio apps is a much prettier idea. And we recommend Today’s Christian Music because its music library is not limited to one genre or overloaded by excessive information. Moreover, it makes you feel Christian music better by providing lyrics for each song playing – along with a music video, if possible.


Found this one in the list of best Christian apps for faithful women – and fell in love at the first sight. It works as an incredible database of all the materials needed to understand the religion: free guides, resources, and blog articles. What’s even better – it provides you with the range of exercises and overviews to work on your doubts individually and comprehend your faith. Both informative and engaging, just outstanding. Give it a try too!

Dive deeper into your religion – and make each your day more meaningful! And don’t hesitate to share your favorite Christian apps we’ve missed here.