The Importance of Education in Self-Improvement

Education is very valuable in life. It’s no wonder people put a high value on it. In fact, the most expensive investment in the development of a person is education. But for the masses, education is only valuable to a certain point. Apart from elementary education, some may go to the extent of joining college and universities. Then, most will stop actively seeking education after they graduate and join the workforce.


However, when you take a look at notable figures in society and those who are at a high point in their careers, education didn’t stop. They’ve never taken a break from knowledge. They embraced continuing education. They constantly improved themselves career-wise and in life by embarking on continuous learning. Let’s consider why education is important in self-improvement.

It Builds Your Career

As far as your career is concerned, a basic college degree or professional qualification is only good for your entry into the workforce. However, when it comes to career building, it may be insufficient to help your soar up high.

To illustrate, let’s say you’re an accountant, and you have a basic degree in accounting attained in the early 70’s. The accounting degree may be sufficient in getting you an entry-level job in the accounting field. Let’s say you get the job and perfect your skills. You become good in performing entry-level tasks. With modern technology, many accounting departments are embracing the use of accounting software, and it’s likely that you were not taught about it in college. Does that mean the end of your career?

Not at all. You only have to embrace a learning attitude so that you can improve your accounting skills to match the current needs of the contemporary time.

It Improves Your Financial Position

One of the hallmarks of self-improvement is financial independence. Getting to this state takes more than discipline and reading of some responsible essay. It requires education and knowledge. In this regard, financial education would be the best choice. If you’re on a budget, you would have to know how to prioritize expenditure and how to get the best deals on items of expense. You need good grounding on how to live within your means. If you need credit facilities, you would have to acquaint yourself with all forms of credit and how to use them effectively. In essence, educating yourself on financial matters is a precursor to being financially independent. Once you attain financial independence, you are in essence improving yourself.

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It Builds Confidence

One of the perks of education is that it sets you above the rest. It earns you respect across various divides. In fact, you will be admired more than a person who is beautiful or bubbling with youth. That’s just on the outside. On the inside, education makes you understand yourself better, hence making you realize your identity and image. And since knowledge cannot be taken away from you, you only get to enjoy the benefits of it such as an innate sense of confidence. When you’re educated, your standing in society is built. It makes you feel at peace with yourself and also makes you assert ideas authoritatively. All these are as a result of confidence.

It Builds Interpersonal Relationships

One amazing attribute of educated people is their liberal nature. They don’t pre-judge or assume people. And they also don’t comment before they can hear someone or something out. They understand the nature of things and people, whether you’re conservative or liberal or somehow pre-disposed to certain tendencies. All the above aspects touch on the nature and form of relationships. Therefore, education is important in the sense that it builds interpersonal relationships. It lets you learn about the diversity and variation that characterizes humanity. The implication will be that you will understand everyone around you and you’ll strive to live and work harmoniously with all. When you build your interpersonal relationships, you’re bound to improve yourself and in extension, your quality of life.

It Promotes Wellness and Health

When most people are in their youth, they live a care-free life. They are always under the illusion that they are immortal. They think that they are indestructible. But woe unto them when age catches up with them! They quash those illusions as fast they came!

Education can help you a great deal in learning about your body and its processes. It indulges you into the aspects of nutrition and health. It lets you know how to lead a healthy lifestyle without being too hard on yourself. Educational materials also make you aware of the health and wellness risks that you may bear when indulging in certain activities. For example, when you eat and lead a sedentary life, you are at risk of being obese. When you become overweight, you will be prone to certain lifestyle diseases.

Thus, when you educate yourself, specifically on health matters, you get to improve your health and wellness for a better quality life.


Education is indeed a catalyst for self-improvement. It should be approached with a long-term horizon in mind to benefit from the value it adds to our lives.

Do you have any experience of how education has led you to self-improvement?