Jezebel’s Eunuchs Can Break Free From Controlling Emotional Ties

Many people in the are bond and crying out for help, but sadly, not many people are hearing their cry.

I didn’t know what I was walking into. There was a on the loose that had successfully the of true prophets and turned others into spiritual . When I made an altar call during one church service to set the eunuchs free, almost the entire congregation came up for prayer. I was shocked.


The word eunuch comes from the Hebrew word caric, which means “to castrate.” Although Jesus made it clear that some eunuchs made a conscious decision to become eunuchs out of their own free will for the kingdom of ‘s sake (Matt. 19:12), ‘s modern-day spiritual eunuchs don’t fall into this category. Jezebel is on a mission to spiritually castrate the saints—especially prophets—and keep them under its thumb.


But why does Jezebel need eunuchs? How do these eunuchs fit into Jezebel’s wicked plot? What role, specifically, do eunuchs play in Jezebel’s wicked puppet show? Jezebel uses eunuchs to do its bidding. For example, eunuchs in Queen Jezebel’s royal bedchambers did not have the luxury of deciding what tasks they would or would not perform. The eunuchs were her servants and did her bidding without question, though probably begrudgingly at times. Eunuchs perform tasks that Jezebel does not want to do or cannot do itself.


Eunuchs are Jezebel’s servants. It may have been a eunuch who delivered the fearful curse to that sent him running into the wilderness hoping to die after defeating the false prophets at Mount Carmel. Motivated by fear or a need for acceptance, Jezebel’s spiritual eunuchs are at its beck and call. Eunuchs are essentially Jezebel’s spiritual slaves.


In the modern-day church, eunuchs aren’t physically castrated. They are spiritually castrated. In other words, they may appear to have some spiritual authority in a church setting, but in reality they’ve been stripped of their spiritual strength to resist the wiles of Jezebelic personalities because they are deceived. I should mention that modern-day spiritual eunuchs don’t always serve the . Sometimes they are ruled over Jezebelic church members working to erect their own power structure within the church.


Whether they succumb to a religious mindset or the pursuit of the praise of man, eunuchs are powerless to rise up against Jezebel in their own strength. They are effectively in bondage to a strongman they didn’t see binding them. Without any true power or authority of their own, eunuchs live vicariously through Jezebel and draw their strength from the approval of Jezebel—or more specifically those flowing in a —rather than the approval of God. This is a dangerous position to take and is called out in Scripture.


Paul understood how vital it was to keep his in line with what God wanted rather than what man wanted. Paul made it known in no uncertain terms that he was seeking the approval of God and not man (Gal. 1:10), and the Bible is clear that the fear of man lays a snare, but that whoever trusts in the Lord is safe (Prov. 29:25). Ultimately, eunuchs “fear those who kill the body” but can’t kill the soul rather than fearing “Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matt. 10:28). Spiritual eunuchs today do this because they are deceived.

Suffice it to say that Jezebel will seek to control you by petting your insecurities and alleviating your hidden fears. What are you insecure about? What are you afraid of? Our confidence should be in Christ in us—and He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7). It may seem like a pedestrian Scripture, but if we really had a revelation of it then I believe the body of Christ would rise up and take dominion rather than lying down in timidity and watching sinners eat the good of the land. Prophets need to get this so they can herald it, but as long as prophets are bound up with rejection, Jezebel will get the best of them………………………….

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