Having Hope for the Future Despite Life’s Challenges

In the Bible, the word used for hope can also be translated to mean trust, or waiting or looking expectantly. Hope is ahead of us. It’s something we wait for and look forward to happening. Hope is knowing there is something in the future waiting for us to arrive.

As Christians, we have hope both in this life and in the afterlife. Because Christ died for us, we can have hope for a future in heaven with God. But we can also have hope for a good, abundant life here on earth with God’s grace, love, and provision.

A lot of people in the world today don’t have either kind of hope. Then there are some who believe in Christ and have hope for eternal life, but don’t have much for life right now.

Sadly, we see hate and destruction and tragedy all over the news and in every part of the world today. Constant exposure to that kind of negativity can change our attitudes and make us lose sight of Who is really in control.

When we’re caught up in everyday life that isn’t exactly “life-giving,” we don’t have life pouring into us from our Savior. Therefore, we won’t have hope for the future.

Since hope comes from God, it makes sense that we must have life channeling into us to have hope, and the only place we can get that hope is Jesus. The Bible says Jesus is the breath of life and that he breathes the Holy Spirit into us. This is a continual thing. So as the Holy Spirit continually breathes life into us and we have that connection to God, we are able to experience hope.

We must feed on the good things in life that God has blessed us with to keep our hope alive. By praying daily and reading inspirational Bible verses, we can keep that hope alive. With God on our side, we have no reason to lose hope.

Hope is not just for day-to-day, normal living. Hope is for big things. Why would we need to hope for the future if the future will only bring things we can handle? Why would we need to hope for the power of God if we’re not hoping for something that we can’t do on our own? If we can do it ourselves, we don’t need God’s help.

Christians are not the only ones who need hope. People all over the world who don’t know Christ are hurting and lost. They need a hope that they’ve never experienced, but they will only respond to the supernatural power of God. We can serve them and tell them about Jesus, but without God’s love and power, we can do nothing.

If we want to impact the world, we need to let God’s power flow through us and into them. It’s nothing we do. It’s all God. But if we can tap into God’s power and hope, anything is possible.

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