Why Do You Need a Fast WordPress Site for Your Business? Let’s Find Out!

WordPress is indeed a great platform for your website however it does have one disadvantage. At times, it can become quite slow. If you are not careful, you may end up with a site that is slow and sluggish. It will make you lose regular visitors, customers, and subscribers. Experts say that if you are using WordPress, it is imperative for you to make the site fast so that it helps you to get the results that you want.

Does website speed matter?

When anyone lands on your website for the very first time, you will only have just a few moments to grab his/her attention. If your site is good, they will stay and navigate through the different links. Experts have carried out numerous studies which revealed that when it comes to customer satisfaction, the website response time is crucial. If your website takes a long time load, you will find that most of the people are gone before you get the opportunity to offer them your products and services.

Besides the above, Google also includes the speed of the website in determining the algorithms of its page ranks. When the speed of your site is low, it affects search engine optimization. That means now you are losing double- impatient customers and decreased web page ranks.

Now, the obvious question arises — how can you fix this?

The following are a few tips that will help you accelerate the speed of WordPress and help you when it comes to speeding up your website:

  1. Choosing a perfect host- Many business owners share website hosts. In the beginning, you will find that sharing hosts is a bargain however it does come at a cost. Reduce server response time WordPress experts say that it is crucial for you to take time and research to choose your host. This cost is your business website will become sluggish. In fact, you also face the risks of having several periods of downtime during high traffic hours. It, of course, will affect the success of your website, so it is crucial for you to invest in a good host that ensures that you get a faster website for your business. In this way, both Google and your customers will be happy.
  2. Themes- It is crucial for you to begin with robust frameworks and themes when it comes to the speed of WordPress. You should go in for good Premium Themes like the Thesis Theme Framework that is far easier for you to customize as per the needs of your website. This theme is solid and does not slow you down with excessive WP plugins and other customized edits. You can make your changes right from the theme itself and avoid extra time.
  3. Caching plugin- If you take a close look at WordPress, you will find they have several plugins and some of them are caching plugins that are very useful. They can improve the loading time of the page. The best thing of all is that you can get these on WordPress.org and they are simple and of course free for you to use. These plugins are easy for you to install and activate for your needs. They help the speed of your page load fast.
  4. Content delivery network- If you take a look at popular blogs, you will find that they are using the CDN. The CDN takes static files that you have on your website like images, and Javascript, and helps visitors to download them fast. Their prices are reasonable, and they are very simple for you to use. Their dashboard is also easy for you to use and you can use video tutorials available on the Internet for setting them up. You can find a plugin named Free-CDN that helps you do the same, and you may test it for your website if you wish to.
  5. Optimize images- It is essential for you to optimize images when you are publishing them to your WordPress website. There is a free plugin named WP-SmushIt that will do the above process for you. With this plugin, you efficiently can process all your pictures automatically while uploading them. That means if you are looking for a faster WordPress website ensure that you choose this plugin.

Thus, with the above steps, you effectively can make WordPress faster and better. When it comes to WordPress, it is essential for you to ensure that you have the right SEO experts to help and guide you. In this way, you efficiently can get the best for your website and generate better lead conversions and targeted traffic faster!