Why Sewing Important in our Daily Life

My grandmother taught my brother and I, how to sew on her sewing machine when we were in middle school. We enjoyed the time we spend with my grandmother learning to sew. Sewing is important to keep our clothing in repair.

As seams need to be repaired, hems need to be shortened, and buttons need to be fastened in place knowing how to sew is useful knowledge. Being able to sew is also useful in adjusting the size of clothing as you lose weight. There are so many wonderful projects, that you can make if you are able to sew.

You can make clothing that is unique and something that no one else will have. Sewing is another way to save money on clothing that you make yourself. You can make your own arts and crafts projects for your home or for personalized gifts for others.

Curtains for my bedroom are another project I was able to make in order to save money. Being able to sew can also become a money making business. You can make clothing or do clothing repairs for others who aren’t able to do the sewing for themselves.

There is a whole world of possibilities of things you can do with the knowledge of sewing. One year, I make Christmas Stockings for all the elderly residents in our local nursing home. I also made decorative pillows and teddy bears, as gifts for the residents of the nursing home.

The look on their faces was priceless, when I gave them the home made gifts. My cousin Diane, who is a very talented seamstress, uses donated wedding dresses to make beautiful burial dresses for babies who die at birth. The families are very grateful for the angel dresses she donates for their babies.

Diane also makes beautiful wedding and evening dresses for ladies in her town for extra money. My grandmother using just a basic sewing machine made her own wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses herself, which saved quite a bit of money. She also made my mother’s bridesmaid dresses for her wedding.

Sewing machines can do lots of different things like fancy stitching, with more than one color and more than one needle. They have computerized templates with different designs to customize your projects. They can also do gathering, pleating, and hemming stitching just to name a few things. A sewing machine can be found to accommodate the type sewing projects you spend your time doing. I have a basic sewing machine that is just right for me.

I’m able to keep my clothing in repair and sew simple projects. Being able to sew is an important skill to have, and I’m glad that my grandmother taught me the basics of sewing. One of the things I will be taking with me to college will be my sewing machine.