Christian Gifts Made in the Holy Land

Israel, the Holy Land, is one full of history and tradition in Christianity with Jerusalem in our hearts and souls. Jerusalem is where Jesus went up to Calvary! Christians have been living and working in Jerusalem, making it a better place by helping those in need. There once was a time where the only way to feel Jerusalem was by going there, but today you can bring the Holy City home to you with My Jerusalem Store.


Christian Jewelry

Adorn yourself with the abundance of Jerusalem’s Christian jewelry. Jerusalem jewelry makers make Christian necklaces, bracelets, charms, earrings, ichthys, Jesus jewelry, and Messianic jewelry. There is a special selection of Christian jewelry made only in the Holy Land, like Roman Glass jewelry, crosses with Jerusalem engraved on them, or special Eilat stone, which is only found in Israel. The Jerusalem Cross is a popular choice, also known as a Crusader cross it has four equal sides.

Olive Wood Gifts

Around Jerusalem, there is an abundance of olive wood trees, with some of the oldest in the world being found in Jerusalem. Olive trees are a symbol of peace, so having olive wood in your home is extraordinarily meaningful. These trees are indigenous to Israel and create some beautiful art work, with natural variating colors in the wood. From nativity sets to candlesticks and more, olive wood items will complete any home.

Anointing Oil

Anointing oil has been a growing trend in Christian prayer rituals, providing spiritual and physical healing powers. There is a large variety of scents that many also choose to wear as perfume. Our anointing oils have been made in the traditional way, following the same ingredients and steps that were taken to make the oil during Biblical times. If you are looking to add a little spirituality into your daily life, take part in this timeless tradition of using anointing oil.

Judaica – Shofar, Tallit, Menorah

Some of Israel’s most famous Judaica created are items that have been used since Biblical times. This includes the shofar, tallit and menorah. A shofar is an ancient instrument made from a ram’s horn that is said to be blown when the Messiah arrives. In Judaism, men and sometimes women, adorn a large cloth on their shoulders during prayer services called a tallit, as a symbol of their connection with God. Menorahs are iconic to Israel, as they were once used in the Temple. Religious items are found to be inspirational in times of prayer to Jews and Christians.

Armenian Ceramics

Another popular item found and made in Jerusalem is Armenian Ceramics. Armenian Christians have their own quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. These colorful traditional Armenian pottery works have been handcrafted through the same process used for generations. Many designs feature beautiful hand painted flowers and mosaics of images found from throughout Israel’s Christian history. Many enjoy the popular pomegranates with scenes of Jerusalem or pretty floral designs featured in Armenian Ceramics.


The land of Jesus has some of the most incredibly meaningful findings that will only add to your spirituality. Thanks to My Jerusalem Store, you will always be able to enjoy Jerusalem from wherever you might be in the world. There are plenty of other amazing gifts available on our website including religious items, books, jewelry, and more from Israel that will truly be enjoyed by all.

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