How to Battle the Days of Post-Party Hangovers with Healthy Home Remedies?

It is the season for parties, fun and terrible hangovers. Sometimes last night’s cocktails and wines turn into emetics. They turn into solid hammers that try to break your head into millions of tiny pieces of confetti. We have tried everything, from black coffee and eggs to swearing off alcohol “forever.” Nothing truly works.

What makes it worse?

Whiskey and rum are NOT cures for a common cold. Irish coffee does not help when you have flu. In fact, if you do have a cough and cold, your hangover is likely to be a hundred times worse. A cough and cold is usually the result of a viral infection that can cause your body to lose fluids. Alcohol is also a potent diuretic. It can result in a terrible dehydration episode at the conclusion of which you can find yourself at one end of an IVF channel.

If not alcohol, what do you need?

Sadly, the party season is also the season of flu. If you are having trouble with recurrent episodes of dizziness, nausea and body pain, you do not need alcohol. You need diagnostic tests. Influenza or flu is unfortunately common among adults and kids. It is easy to catch it too. The only conclusive analysis that can enlighten you about the type of flu you have involves a test of the antibodies from your blood. Uses of ELISA to test for the presence of influenza virus and determining the serotype in the system are indispensable.

What if it is just hangover?

You are more than lucky if it is JUST hangover. A hangover is an acute dehydration and the severe lack of electrolytes in the system.

Swear by ORS

This year, before leaving for a booze-fuelled party, just leave a liter of rehydration formula mix on your bedside table. The drunk you will thank the sober you later! You can make it on your own or buy ready to mix formula from your local pharmacy.

Include a generous dose of Vitamin C

The next morning, welcome the fresh air and sunshine with lots of vitamin C. Go for fruit smoothies with blueberries, orange juice, black grapes and a banana. It is the perfect concoction that has antioxidants, sodium, potassium and all other natural minerals you need to get rid of a throbbing headache.

Pay attention to your Probiotics

The trick is to not dehydrate yourself further with greasy meals in the morning. If you feel hungry, go for a healthy bowl of oatmeal with a side of plain yogurt. Homemade versions of yogurt are the best since they have a high percentage of probiotics that help to replenish lost minerals, vitamins and rehydrate. Oatmeal contains natural fibers that help to retain more water in the system.

Whatever you do, do not try to pop aspirins and follow it up with coffee. Coffee dehydrates further, and aspirins only make a headache go away for a couple of minutes, till it comes back with more gusto. This festive season chooses the healthier alternatives. So, even when you drink more than you should have, you can always feel upbeat on the first day of the New Year.