Roses Are the Way to Go on Valentine’s Day

Nothing could convey your true feelings and emotions better than exotic roses. Red roses particularly are symbolic of deep bond and undying love. Since time immemorial beautiful roses have fascinated us and they have been used to convey the message of love, sincerity, commitment, unbound passion, and fidelity.

Roses come in different vibrant colors and each color signifies a special meaning. It is essential for you to understand exactly what the different colored roses stand for before you start ordering a bouquet of exotic roses for your beloved on the Valentine’s Day. The celebration of love surely is incomplete without the gorgeous roses. You should gift beautiful roses to your partner to heighten her joy. A bouquet of red roses is the conventional gift from all romantically inclined individuals to their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Let us find out the underlying meaning of gifting roses in different colors.

Different Rose Colors & Messages

Red Roses: Red Roses say ‘I love you”. Nothing could express love better than red roses. Red roses are symbolic of enduring passion and romantic love. It becomes extremely challenging for florists across the globe to cater to the unending demand for red roses on the Valentine’s Day. This is why red roses are exorbitantly priced in February. If you do not want to settle for anything less than red roses but find it unaffordable you may consider sending fewer stems instead of a huge bouquet. Red roses are universally the true symbol of love, romance, and passion. Give red roses to your beloved, your girlfriend, or life partner or someone you are deeply in love with. You may browse through flower gifting guide online to make this Valentine’s Day a special one!

White Roses: White Roses say “I am surely the one meant for you”. Even though men generally send red roses on Valentine’s Day, you could do something unique and different. This is your opportunity to surprise your partner by gifting dazzling white roses that are symbolic of true love, innocence, purity reverence, charm, and youthfulness. They convey the messages like ‘You are simply heavenly’ and ‘I miss you’.

Orange Roses: Orange Roses say ‘I want you to be in my life’. Orange conveys the message that the sender is passionate about you. Orange roses signify admiration, enchantment, and desire. You would be getting orange roses from someone who is passionate about you and secretly has a genuine desire to be with you. You should gift orange roses to someone who attracts you immensely.

Purple Roses: Purple Roses signify love at the very first sight and intense attraction. They are just right for gifting to someone you are intensely attracted to, however, not yet committed to. They symbolize admiration, attraction, and romance. If you have an intense liking for someone and are unable to express your feelings, hurry this Valentine’s Day and gift her bouquet of fresh and beautiful purple roses. Only a truly enchanted person would be gifting purple roses.

Yellow Roses with Red Tip: These attractive flowers say “I am really falling for you”.  These stunning sunset roses convey to your new friend that you are looking for something more than friendship.


No love proposal could be complete without roses. Similarly, Valentine’s Day would lose its significance without roses. Roses are surely the way to go this Valentine’s Day. If you are traditional at heart, stick to the exotic red roses. If you are creative and adventurous, try any above-discussed colors while gifting roses to your sweetheart.

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