Give your brand a makeover through Instagram marketing

In today’s cut-throat competition, no business can keep any secret of promoting themselves. With the passing time, new techniques are evolving, but they are familiar with every other business firm. So, the challenge here is how you can use the conventional promoting technique to promote your website or business. Instagram, a popular photo-sharing platform can help you in getting millions of real followers. With this social media platform, you can reach the potential buyers across the country. There is no geographical boundary, and you can expect to get customers aboard as well. So, if you want to take your business to the next step, then nothing else can be better than the Instagram platform.

However, as I have already mentioned above there is no secret of promotion and whatever you follow for your brand is already being used by some other firm as well. So, how will you manage the get the maximum real Instagram followers? It is important to increase the fan following on a consistent and steady basis. There is no doubt, which the larger the fan following is, the more customers you can get. Each time you post something, it will be perceived by several people at a time, thus maximizing the option for sales. In this post, we will discuss some marketing tips for Instagram that will help you to promote your brand free.

Using the free Instagram tools tactfully

We all love to enjoy freebies. So, here also Instagram platform provides the users with free useful tools. Just like a business page on Facebook, here also you need to start with a business profile of your own. Complete the page with call-to-action, contact details, and other necessities. You should allow users to get in touch with your business through the call, email, and text.

Make sure to keep your business and personal Instagram profile separate. Apart from the contact option, a company profile should contain access to analytics or Insights. This enables the users to access the engagement data and impression. It is important that you understand the interaction of the users to your contents so that you can adjust the same for further engagement.

Cross promotion of Instagram posts

If you want to add new followers of Instagram quickly who love your brand already, then only post on various other available social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Invite them to follow your profile on Instagram. As they are following you already on the social media platforms, they would show interest apparently in your offer. Thus, you just need to provide them another way to get connected with your brand socially.

It is wrong to expect that your posts will be seen by every single follower who is connected with you on the social media. Many people are not active on some social media networking sites like they use to be on other platforms, while others do not prefer to use social network too much. Your main motto is to gain the interest of the users so that they can stay connected to your business profile and keep on checking for updates time and again. Also, try to stay connected with your followers through every possible social networking site. This will enhance your reach per post.

Why should not you overwhelm the audience?

Sometimes, it so happens that we post so frequently that, users get irritated. They simply prefer to unfollow the account as they feel you are on their face constantly. We aim to post relevant content after regular interval of time so that your brand stays in the mind of people and never get out of focus. Do not overwhelm the audience by just sharing too many posts frequently.

There is no magic posting method available that will help you to get the attention of the followers. You need to go for the test and trial method. Check the response of the audience first. Initially, it is enough to post just twice every day. Find out the time of the day when the higher user engagement occurs every day. Post frequency optimization is not a one-time task. You need to adjust the posting frequency with the increasing number of followers.

Interaction with the followers is significant

If anyone leaves a comment, then it is essential that you spare two seconds to reply him back. This simple task can help you to get a loyal customer base as well as serves as the raving promoter of your product or service brand.

You should also incorporate various ways to ensure that your followers interact with the posts you make. For instance, only tag three or four of your friends and soon the post will come in front of a huge pool of audience. At the same time, it will also attract new followers as well. As they are introduced to your profile through friends, you can expect many tagged users to follow your Instagram profile. Usually, owing to some reasons sometimes we do not prefer to follow an unknown brand. However, when we see that the brand is something that our known people are following then there is a high chance of following it without any worry.

Repurposing contents from similar accounts

If you find it quite difficult to come up with the content that meets the requirements of your followers, then you can simply consider repurposing content from the other relevant accounts on Instagram. Just you need to credit the original content source while making the post. You should tag the original content source profile as well as a mention about them in the caption.