Everything You Need to Know About Using Bots for Automation of Instagram Promotions

All the business promoters on Instagram, using this platform to communicate efficiently with their target group audience and get more followers, are constantly looking for answers to questions as:

  • How to become more popular on Instagram?
  • How to get more likes on the posts?
  • How to earn tons of Instagram followers?

One strategy many of the digital marketers suggest is Instagram bots to try and grow an audience. But, is this an ideal approach to promote your account? If you are curious about the usage of Instagram bots like ‘auto-follow’ bots and ‘auto-like’ bots and not sure about the pros and cons of it, read on.

What are bots?

Bots for Instagram are intelligent programs designed to perform actions as liking posts, commenting, and following Instagram accounts through automation. These are the actions real Instagram users used to do, but building it organically may be time-consuming for business marketers.

So, bots are identified as smart alternatives to generic promotions as you can set parameters to customize bot’s performance by specifying hashtags or accounts to target. Bots can do the tasks with mere perfection for you. Some of the major bots in use for Instagram activity automation are FollowLiker, Instagress, Mass Planner, etc.

For examples, bots can be programmed to comment “amazing” on a photo posted with a hashtag #travel or leave a comment as “delicious” to posts tagged #food. However, these are just robots and can only do what these are programmed to do. So, these may also do things like commenting “amazing” on a silly selfie only for the reason that it got tagged with #travel.

Discussion – Are bots good or bad?

Let’s start with discussing how bots can be an asset to the business marketers by reviewing the good things they do.


  1. Automation is an innovative approach

It is very common that individuals tend to automate mail sending, grocery planning, and bill payment. You want to get rid of the repetitive, regular things and looking forward to reinvesting the time effectively into more productive things. So, automation of Instagram activity management makes sense. No doubt in the fact that bots are more efficient and faster than human.

  1. Time is money

The success of Instagram engagement is to keep in touch and build fast. So, it is all about efficiently engage with your followers on a daily basis. But, it may not be practical for you to spend many hours a day to scour through your follower feeds every day. So, with bots, these tasks can be done automatically. Comment, follow, like, and engage 24×7 so that you can generate more results by saving time and effort.

  1. Bots help find ideal followers

Well, programmed bots will search for the most relevant users in your niche and follow them closely. They can also effectively follow back the users who follow you. With this constant approach, you can reach to many potential customers and engage.

  1. Engaging with followers

It is not just finding, but bots can effectively engage with your followers, which otherwise take a lot of your time consideration. They can auto follow, comment, put real Instagram likes to follower posts according to the instructions given.

Next, let us discuss some problems of using bots which may sometimes create adversities too for your online promotions. Some bad things about Instagram bots as below.


  1. Insensitive commenting

As mentioned earlier, bots don’t have any sense and simply do their tasks without being concerned about the context of the content. If you set them to add a comment based on hashtag, it is the only thing they can do without any judicious thinking, which may sometimes lead to awkward situations.

As we have seen in the above example, the major downside of Instagram bots is that many times, they may not seem to be genuine engagement, which can be felt by the followers also and they can instant realize that you are not humane. Some cases of such insensitiveness are as below.

Case #1: Big Social wanted bots to insert a happy comment on posts with the smiley face emoji, but unfortunately it ended up in leaving a hilarious comment on a post by a girl who was grieving over here friend’s death.

Case #3: Bots were assigned by a leading Tourism marketer to comment on his client’s posts with #holiday, but that ended up in commenting “I’m feeling jealous” to a post discussing an absurd holiday experience.

  1. Lacking real engagement

The ultimate question is whether Instagram bots will be capable of replacing human interactions?

Considering the above mishaps, you can have a more balanced approach to using Instagram bots like creating a neutral reply like “thanks for sharing,” but the real question is whether it is good enough create any real engagement, and the answer is no.

In fact, no one is interested in a simple generic comment which is mostly considered as not humane. You can enjoy an engagement once if the followers can understand who does it. You can comment a lot of posts, but people are not interested in following the generic comments, but what they want to see is some real-time context-based personal comments.

  1. Messing up the Instagram feeds

When you follow a large number of accounts with bots and get hundreds of followers newly, you may ultimately end up with random feeds. With this quick building approach, there is a possibility that the feeds from more relevant followers may get buried in the ocean of data. There is no problem if you are not bothered about your Instagram feed. However, if you love the platform for its capacity to do close networking, then you have to be cautioned as you may ultimately struggle to find the people on your list who interest you.

To conclude, by considering the pros and cons of using Instagram bots for generating automated comments and likes, you have to be very judicious and highly balanced in administering it to avoid any chaos and take advantage of it at the desired level.



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