Transform Your Sex Life: Here are the Top 5 Trends to Bring a Drastic Change

Quality Sex Life Is Everyones Necessity

It’s necessary to maintain an optimum frequency of sex. According to the study, a lesser frequency of sex is one of the major reasons behind a divorce. This is the reason why you need to spice up your sex life. Furthermore, another study shows that the Americans are having far less sex than previous generations. This is actually a strange thing. It may be due to too much commercialization of sex that people are gradually losing their interest in sexual intercourse.


Or, some people may be having lesser sex because of low stamina and low testosterone level, as there are many causes and symptoms of low testosterone that can be identified and treated. Whatever the reason might be for a lesser frequency of sex, there are people who are trying to make sex interesting again. The commercial sex industry is coming up with stuff that can completely change the way you think about sex. In the next section of this article, we will closely look at all the 5 trends that are emerging in the real world.

Top 5 Trends That Can Transform Your Sex Life

There are many new trends coming out in this post-modern age that is transforming various areas of our life, including our sex life. In today’s world, many people are getting addicted to pornography. According to the statistics, around 30% of the internet industry is pornography. Furthermore, the commercial sex industry is coming out with various trends to further advance their market. Let’s take a look at the top 5 trends that could transform your sex life.


#1 Virtual Sex

virtual sex

The virtual reality technology is already transforming many sectors. This technology is already enhancing military training, making it easier to explore the space, and much more. Now, the commercial sex industry is trying to use this technology to make your sex life even more interesting.

A Japanese company named“Tenga” is coming up with the video game to cater to cybersex. This video game allows you to wear goggles and enter your sexual organ into a sex tube. After that, you connect to software that helps you control sex avatar, according to your behavior. However, men who are suffering from the erectile dysfunction should first seek out for the erectile dysfunction natural treatment before they can use this technology.

#2 Remote Sex

The telecom and information technology have already transformed into a new level. Many advanced technologies are already seen in the market, and there will be even more innovative technology in the future. The technology is so advanced that the couple from a separate continent can have killer orgasms remotely. The current technologies allow men to enjoy PC enabled masturbation, vibrating underwear via Smartphone app, and more.

#3 The Girlfriend Experience

To make you have a realistic girlfriend experience, sex workers are providing tech-driven services where you will feel like you are having an intimate relationship with your girlfriend. Your partner could be either a sex worker or a fictional character; however, they have the ability to fulfill a fantasy. It’s like selling you an illusion relationship. There is a resort in the Tokyo, Atami transpire, that accommodate you with virtual girlfriends for a romantic girlfriend.

#4 Sex Robots

More and more people are getting attracted to sex robots. According to the prediction, human beings may have more sex with the robots in the year 2050 than with humans. These sex robots are made up of bacteria resistant fiber. Furthermore, these robots are customized with unique personalities. These robots are expected to be the future of sex tourism. The Amsterdam, Netherlands is expected to be filled with these robots to boost their tourism market.

To make these robots more attractive, these robots are designed with different sexual features, ages, body shapes, languages, and ethnicity. Basically, these robots have the ability to attract almost anyone. You can get the sex-robot Roxxxy today for $9,000, plus registration fees.

#5 Sex Gadgets

sex robots and sex gadgets

The commercial sex industry is getting so big that even the major players in the business are jumping right into this industry. Many revolutionary sex gadgets are out in the market. The Google Glass Sex allows you to view the world in the way your partner views it. The Sony and the Playboy’s Cybergirl Jo Garcia recently came together to announce its new PlayStation Vita.

From the customized replicas of your partner’s sexual organs to the 3D sex parts can be ordered nowadays.


These trends are definitely revolutionizing the sexual life of the whole human race. These trends can get almost anyone attracted to be addicted to these trends. The various players in the sex industry are trying really hard to increase its customer base. Like said before, almost 30% of the internet industry is filled with a pornography, and with the help of these trends, the market can reach a whole new height.

However, despite the fact that you should do each and everything to enhance your sex life, you should also be updated with the information on the pros and cons before getting addicted to these latest trends.


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