The Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of those things that succeeds in transforming your home interiors completely by endowing an opulent look to it that you have always coveted for. There are, in fact, only a few other products in home improvement that have succeeded in creating such a ripple that laminate flooring has been able to create.

Laminate flooring is said to be a “super material” but like all good and quality products, this, too has its own share of drawbacks or cons. It is always better to have a clear idea about what you can expect prior to opting for laminate flooring for your home or commercial property.

So here an attempt is made to give you some idea about this material. Just read on to know.

Pros of Laminate Flooring

Here are some of the major pros that you will get by installing laminate flooring in your property.

  • Versatility – Laminate flooring facilitates to resemble the look of a huge number of natural hardwood materials. These can also get the appearances of a plethora of ceramic stone or natural stone materials. In fact, with advanced technology that is being used now, these can also mimic the surface texture of these materials.

  • Installation – The laminate click-together flooring is one of the simplest DIY projects that you can undertake. You do not need to use any adhesive for installation nowadays, thanks the latest technology being used in the process of installation of this kind of flooring. This allows the installation of the laminate to an entire room to be finished in just a day or two.

  • Durability and Resistance – Laminate flooring can resist a number of external agents that can discolour the other materials of flooring very easily. The flooring is protected by the wear layer from the smudges and stains that occur due to mud and dirt and thus, it is ideal for entryways and highways. It is also popular for the sunrooms as the wear layer shields it from the UV rays of the sun, too.

  • Cleaning – The laminate floor comes with a wear layer that is responsible for protecting the material from some spills and stains which, in turn, make maintenance and cleaning pretty easy. The only daily requirement is to remove the grit and dirt from the floor by vacuuming or sweeping. This can remove the wear layer of the floor over time.

  • Hygiene –Laminate flooring resists the development of the bacteria and mould. You can further treat the flooring with anti-bacterial coating or allergens to make it even safer.

  • Easy Packaging – The laminate planks are sold in the 4 foot strips while the natural hardwood plank is available in 8 to 10 feet strips. At times these planks are even longer. The laminate planks are also available in the forms of tile.

Cons of Laminate Flooring

Here are some of the drawbacks of using laminate flooring.

  • Damage from Moisture – High Density Fibreboard (HDF) is a composite material that is at the core of laminate flooring formation. That is why it is more susceptible to damage by water as compared to natural wood. HDF cannot withstand standing water as a result of which it expands after breaking down. Under such circumstances, the laminate floor has to be replaced.

  • Sound – At the time of walking on laminate flooring, it makes a hollow sound that makes it feel like a manufactured and fake material. You can put this off by using underlying dampening material that can help to form the natural hardwood flooring sound.

  • Refinishing – Laminate flooring is hard or impossible to refinish. There is a single layer in them and when that is dented it becomes very hard to refinish. With time the wear layer of the entire floor will deteriorate and the scratches will be appearing on the surface. The entire floor needs to be replaced under such circumstances.

  • Unnatural Feel – Laminate flooring can trigger the same looks as that of stone, hardwood or brick but the illusion fades away as soon as the material is felt with bare hands.

Now that you have a clear idea about the benefits and drawbacks of laminate flooring you can judge for yourself whether this will be the best choice for your property or opting for something else like carpet flooring in New York will be a wiser decision. You should make up your mind after properly judging both the pros and cons and what suits you best.