7 Tips for Successful Romantic Getaway Trip for Couples

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Thinking what to do on your vacation leave? Or it’s the holiday season you have been thinking? No matter what your reasons are, it is always better to have a romantic getaway trip with your special someone.

All work and no play make the world uglier, at least in the marriage life. It is recommended that the couple spend time together, away from work and stress. In this way, it helps the relationship grow and expand the horizon. Travelling with special someone will add another exciting experience.

So, before you decide to plan your romantic getaway, read these tips from Holiday Inn first to have a successful travel:

Book early and choose the off season.

If you book your stay in advance, you have a better shot of getting lower rates. The closer time gets to peak travelling seasons, or even just to the date you want to book, the higher the price will be. Book several months in advance, if you can, and it will save you money.

Sometimes this can be difficult due to work schedules. However, if you can manage it, be sure to book your stays on off days. Whenever you book flights and hotels on Fridays through Sundays, you are assuming a higher rate, just because weekends are always the favorite for travellers.

Look for a reasonable and enjoyable honeymoon package.

Some hotel chains, such as Hilton and Hyatt, offer “romance packages” that may include champagne, breakfast and late checkout. Always tell the hotel staff it’s a special occasion beforehand. You may snag a scenic view or other favors.

Bring your partner some flowers as a romantic present.

Order flowers from a nearby shop (not the hotel) and have a bellhop bring them to the room. Red roses can’t fail, but a mix of purple lilacs and yellow tulips near the bed and white hyacinths next to the bathtub score points for ingenuity.

Make some love move with your partner.

When was the last time you made eye contact with your partner and allowed the moment to linger? With innumerable commitments at work and home, we usually don’t find any time to play with that special man in our lives. This time when you are vacationing with your husband at an exotic beach resort, take him by surprise by flirting with him!

Watch the sunset together.

Nothing beats watching the sun go down together – lazing by the sea or from the top of a mountain! Walk down the beach holding hands and catch the sunset with the love of your life this vacation. Give in to the moment as it’s an experience that the two of you will treasure for years to come.

Choose a romantic destination.

The most important aspect of any romantic vacation is the destination. You can’t miss with a trip anywhere in the Caribbean or Hawaii. There is also Venice, Paris, any beachfront locale—such as the off-the-beaten-track Malaysian island of Langkawi—or a mountain retreat, such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Maybe you can also choose romantic weekend getaways in your own country.

Make sure to have enough money.

Keep a credit card or cash stashed somewhere besides your purse or pocket. It’s always a bad feeling having to borrow money and then keep track of who owes what—suddenly you’re back to having an allowance every day or week? No, thank you.