Jobs around the House: Should You DIY It or Call a Professional

House needs a lot of work over the year and maintenance and repairs are among them. If you take regular care of your house and react in time to fix the entire problem, you will avoid serious damage. Not to mention the unpredicted costs that some repair can carry and the effect that can have on your budget.  

Unfortunately, some damage also comes out from owners being overconfident they can fix the problems themselves. Of course, certain things you can turn into DIY projects, but some should be left to professionals for your well-being and safety of your property.

Therefore, here are the most common jobs around the house and reasons why you should DIY or call the professional.


  • Electrical work

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Replacing a light bulb is something almost anyone can do and even that can cause injury if you accidentally fall off the ladder or forget to turn off the power. That is why you should leave electrical work to professionals, even if you think you can handle it. Damages from the incorrectly done repairs can lead to fire and even death, while even the smallest mistakes can destroy installations and appliances.

As you see, electrical work leaves no space for errors so hiring an electrician is a good way to act responsibly towards your property, neighbourhood and lives involved. Ask your friends to recommend a good electrician or hire a reputable service in order to make sure everything will go smoothly.

However, there is one thing you can do and that is to check if all appliances are working properly, as well as light switches and sockets. Regular maintenance and spotting the problem before it becomes more serious will lower the repair costs and save your house from potential damage.

Plumbing repairs

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Plumbing usually means that you will have to unclog the drains, clean filters on your washing machine and perform regular maintenance to avoid these problems. These are not complicated jobs and you can do them by yourself. Pour unclogging agents at least once a month in the bathtub, shower and sink drains and use protective mesh to collect bigger chunks of food and hair.

However, if you encounter problems like leaking pipes or clogged toilet, that’s a sign to call the professional plumber. Plumbing mistakes may not be as dangerous as electrical ones, but they can still cause structural damage to the house as well as to appliances.


  • Fixing the roof


A roof is not something to take lightly. No matter if there is a small leak or several roof tiles are broken, you should contact the professional repair service. Roofs are dangerous and you can easily trip and fall. An unqualified person also wouldn’t know where to look for subsequent damages and repair them as well.

There is one thing you can do, however, and that’s to check the roof from the inside before every season in order to spot leaks in time. The sooner you catch the problem, the less structural damage it will cause.


  • Cleaning the gutters


Sometime during autumn, the leaves change colour and start to fall off the trees. This is the sign that soon enough you will have to take care of the gutters and make sure they are unclogged for winter. You will need several things to make sure that the job is done well and in a safe manner.  

The first thing you should avoid is doing it solo. You will need a helper to hold your ladder, for the very least since falling off them is a very common and serious injury if not careful. Use tools that will make the job easier, like gutter cleaner and check them afterwards for any damage or holes.

Always wear protective gear like head mask and gloves so you wouldn’t come into contact with bacteria of decaying matter. However, if you don’t have a helper or other ways to do the job safely, it’s better to call the professionals. This service is not expensive and is certainly cheaper than medical bill if you fall or repairs if you don’t do it properly.    


  • Renovations


When you decide to do renovations, you will know how extensive they will be. But even the smallest things, like changing the bathroom tiles, require certain expertise. You can DIY some things, like renovating your backyard, building a fire pit or even do some woodwork.

However, there may be more serious work ahead and for that. If that’s the case you should hire a construction expert to give you the estimates. Building a shed may be something you can do with several friends. But in the end, you should consult a constructional engineer to check the safety and integrity of your work.

In the end

There are many things that you have to pay attention to like cracks in the wall or decaying trees in your yard. It is a responsibility you have to take in order to create a safe environment for your family and neighbours.

If you don’t know how to do repairs around the house, don’t feel inept but rather do a responsible thing and call repair services. The repair bill will certainly be significantly lower than the damage control later.