Top 5 Most Beautiful Underwater Hotels in the World

There’s no doubt that underwater hotels are a treat to the eyes. In fact, visiting an underwater hotel is one of the amazing adventures that are hard to miss.

If you love underwater creatures, you either visit aquarium or artificial lakes. But what if you can see it real close?  It will be outstanding, isn’t it? Here are top 5 underwater hotels in the world that will leave you thrilled and spell-bound.

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  1. WebUrbanist Hotel– This is one of the most beautiful underwater hotels that offers you stay at an affordable cost. The hotel has been designed by one of the most efficient architects who have designed around 500 submarine hotels. It has several private rooms and honeymoon huts for the guests. The hotel resides under 40 ft. deep water and provides jaw-dropping views of amazing sea-creatures.

2.The Manta Resort– This famous African hotel has luxurious and spacious rooms equipped with all ammenities for the esteemed guests. It is located around 13 ft. under deep sea. The cost of a night stay in this  grand underwater hotel comes to around $1000. Being here you will get to enjoy the view of underwater life from your room while lying on your comfy bed.

3.Utter Inn– The splendid view of this hotel is enough to blow your mind. This is not just a hotel to explore the underwater life, but also a great place for honeymooners to  stay or for those on vacation. The hotel has beautiful rooms that include extremely comfortable beds, a big dining space as well as a swimming pool. It was constructed around 2000 and has become a tourist hub since then.

4.Jules’ Undersea Lodge– This is the ultimate place for you to be if you are a sea lover. As the name suggests, this hotel has been named after the famous maritime author, Jules. Currently, this hotel has become a hotspot for tourists around the globe. It is situated around 20 feet under the sea and offers the rarest views of exotic sea animals. From ordinary people to celebrities, every one loves to pay a visit to this hotel.

5.Apeiron Island Hotel– It is another beautiful underwater hotel in Dubai. Interestingly, this is a 7 star hotel and has the best amenities to offer. There are about 400 rooms in the hotel. Along with this, there are 200 luxurious apartments as well for those want to stay under the sea. Right from the top till the bottom, this hotel is beautifully decorated and greatly appeals to the visitors.

These are top 5 best and most beautiful underwater hotels in the world that are worth visiting. Whether you are a sea lover or not, you will definitely love your stay in these hotels located under blue sea water.  Spending time with children or loved ones in luxury while enjoying something new has become much easier with these exotic underwater hotels.