Parenting: Tips to become a fantastic parent

Being parent has to be one of toughest jobs in the world. It takes a lot to raise kids and help them grow into a responsible individual. You need to be a friend, teacher and guide rolled into one to let the ward learn valuable lessons together with feeling joyous. You have to take care of happiness of the kids alongside instilling in them values, ethics and morality.

As children are a wonderful gift from the almighty, you need to raise them in manner where they gain knowledge and worldly wisdoms together. You need to show discretion, you have to share love and you should make them understand strictness. There won’t be a recipe of parenting to help you out, as this is something natural and you have to experience it.

Being a successful parent means you have to take care of all the requirements of the kids, bear their tantrums and keep them grounded. You can be a if you are aware of what your tod wants and what keeps them happy.

Parenting needs you to consider few factors, including:

Treat your children as a gift  

Children are a gift and they should be treated as such. All your focus should be on bringing joy and happiness to them. All your energy should be dedicated towards nurturing the kid. Every attempt should be made to let children explore and express them without burdening them with any responsibility.

Give them absolute freedom 

A fantastic parent is one that gives absolute or total freedom to their kids. It means, kids should be set free to explore and express themselves; they should be free to be imaginative at all times. Let them create or break, let them experience the world around and let them grasp things as they come. Don’t put your nose in to change their perspective. Let natural rhythm take its own course.

Love them, don’t pamper them

A is one who understands the difference between loving and pampering the kid. While you pamper, you sometimes cross the line and end up meeting each and every requirement of the kid. And this often spoils them. While when you love, you often take care of meeting only those needs that are supposed to.

Go slow and be natural  

Going slow means not expecting the child to behave like a grown-up too soon or so early. A child is a child, and you should never take extra attempt to make them grow or mature to suit your requirements. Don’t hurry into anything, don’t try to teach them anything their age does not support. Rather, let them be moulded in a natural way while you learn together with them.

Bring positivity and vibrancy around them 

Children should be raised in a positive and vibrant atmosphere. They should grow up learning virtues of love, care, compassion sympathy etc. Keep them away from negativity, or try to create around them an environment that is truly stimulating. In that way, they become spiritual even without doing efforts on that front.

Become a friend, not a superior 

Your kids expect you to assume the mantle of a friend. They will never expect you to behave in a bossy way as in you, they seek someone who brings joy and happiness. When we go about developing friendship with your ward, it means you give them a chance to enjoy the true essences of life.

Be a wonderful parent

And lastly, try to be as wonderful a parent as you could be. Your kids see so much in you – a friend, colleague, teacher, companion etc. – that you can’t afford not be all those things. So, add value into yourself and meet your kids’ expectations.


In a sense, being a parent is all about giving your kids love, care and joyful moments. Once you manage to do that, you’re a truly fantastic parent then.