Family Member That You Need To Be Wary Of

Family Member That You Need To Be Wary OfThere are men and angels. Then there are men that area angelic by nature – whether they do or whether they say drips of goodness. Then there are those with whom associating the mere word “good” is like a crime. Such people can easily harm your loved ones, your family, your children and you wouldn’t suspect a thing because you would be too busy dealing with external dangers, meaning that you would not be able to give any attention to the dangers that might in your very homes.

That might just be the biggest mistake you can ever make.

Today, we live in a frustrated society, a society in which a crime as big as incest is not considered taboo by the very sick minded individuals. Those people are not evil per say. Their minds are just wired in a way quite unlike the way ours are and for some reasons the fine line between right and wrong is blurred in their minds. They do not think much of the people and the way their actions are going to affect others around them.

Such people have reverted back to the basic carnal instinct of man, an instinct that no longer understands propriety that needs to be religiously followed in the society of man and they need to be aware of it again and again.

Be Wary Of Your Family Members

In the age of high divorce rates, it is quite necessary for parents to be careful about the people they might be bringing into their children’s life because you never know, your brand new other half could be categorized as one of the aforementioned class of human beings. You might be clueless about what is going on and your cluelessness may turn out to be fatal for your wards.  This is why you need to be wary of the following family members.

·         The Extra Helpful Ones

It can be your new husband, your new wife or your child’s new sibling that might be a little too helpful. You need to be wary of such people because even though it might be a gesture of welcome, yet you can never be too careful when it comes to your children.  Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry and be sure that you personally accompany your child wherever this very helpful family member may want to take your child. Furthermore, it may even be helpful if you spend some time with your new step son/daughter. It may give you guys a chance to bond and let you know for sure what their actions and gestures genuinely mean.

·         The Ones That Get A Bit Handsy

Pinching the cheeks and kissing and cuddling toddlers might be acceptable to some extent, but when it comes to family members who tend to get a bit too close for comfort with tweens and early teens, they might be the ones you need to look out for. When it comes to your children, you can never be too safe when it comes to the dangers around them.

·         The Gift Givers

Family members certainly give gifts to one another. Yet, if there is one particular family member that gives special attention to one of your children by bringing them special gifts and showering them with special attention, more so than the rest of your children, it might all point towards signs of trouble. This is one way that family members use to single out children in order to earn their trust and make them feel special. Such attention makes the children putty in the hands of the adults and they would in their turn do anything in order to please them.

The Bottom Line

A parent can never be too careful when it comes to their children. There are just too many vicious people in the world that might just be waiting for you to make a mistake and trip up to give them a chance. Don’t give them a chance. Use spy applications on parental monitoring app to be your eyes and ears in places where you cannot be and be a helping hand to keep your children safe. In times like these where 96% of the children responsible for child molestation tend to be their own family members and friends, you need to be extra vigilant.