9 Reasons Why Going to A Shooting Range is Good for Your Health

Whether you’re preparing for the military or police academy or simply because you practice it as a recreational activity, going to a shooting range can be a good way to relieve stress. Believe it or not, the benefits of practicing sports shooting can improve your health, both physically and mentally.

Here are the 9 best health benefits of going to a shooting range:

1. Physical discipline: This sport can help you to flee from sedentary and acquire physical discipline, which will not only be healthy but also very pleasant. The increase in strength, endurance, coordination, and motor skills are just some of the characteristics acquired during the practice of sports shooting.

2. Strength in your arms: firing a weapon requires strong arms and hands, in order to aim and shoot your target keeping them firmly. It will, therefore, help you acquire that necessary additional strength.

3. Distraction: Keeping one’s eyes on the target while aiming a weapon requires a lot of concentration. You will evade your mind from any other activity and concentrate on your goal.

4. Relief of eye strain: Practicing sports shooting will be beneficial for your eyes. By giving them a break after having stared at home or work computers, televisions, phones, and tablets.

5. Concentration: Although many do not know, sports shooting by using shooting bench is a sport in which mental concentration plays a very important role. The experienced shooters think sports shooting is 90% work mentally. The concentration levels are sharpened. Problem-solving activities involving the use of logic, mathematics and creative thinking are necessary and routinely employed to be successful in any sports shooting discipline.

6. Responsibility: Responsibility is another of the fundamental factors that are taught during the practice of sports shooting. It is the basis for practicing any discipline with total safety.

7. Courage and trust: For some people, shooting can seem like a very dangerous activity. However, training properly is a good way to gain confidence and decision.

8. Adrenaline: Holding a gun and shooting a target can be an exciting activity. Adrenaline triggers and causes a surge of ‘energy’ in your bloodstream. Increase adrenaline levels in the blood will signal your liver to break down glycogen, a substance that gives your muscles glucose, the main source of energy in your body.

9. Physical Balance: Staying motionless in a particular shooting position while aiming a weapon at the target exerts a demand on the muscles of the lower body, who provide the correct posture? On the other hand, when the abdominal muscles are weak, the lower back maintains additional pressure and the weight of daily tasks such as walking, falls on it. The strengthening of the abdominal muscles required target shooting, allowing the weight of the upper body is distributed evenly and improves thus the balance.


  1. Yes all above are true but one should also be careful and educated about the safety tactics in the range.Just repeating conventional wisdom 🙂