Uebert Angel Delivers Powerful Botswana Service

Uebert Angel delivered a powerful service in Botswana. The service, which was broadcast all over the world through Good News TV and Miracle TV, was nothing short of epic. The powerful church service was dubbed as the miracle night for Botswana.

The service saw Angel introducing to the rest of the world his spiritual sons. He said that he is unleashing his son to the world. In his own words, he mentioned that he, along with his spiritual sons, is going to become the world’s biggest prophetic cartel. He was accompanied by his sons Apostle Miz Mzwake, also known as Ironman, Leon du Preez, and Prophet Edd, also known as The Specialist.

This particular conference saw the venue being filled to full capacity. Thousands of people who come from all over Botswana gathered to be part of the momentous event. There are also participants that travelled across Europe and Africa to be part of the service. The service also highlighted several wonders and several signs of how powerful God is and these were all made manifest during the conference. People who have come to attend the event were healed of many illnesses and maladies such as sugar diabetes, hypertension, and all other manner of ailments. They were all healed in Jesus Christ’s name.

Prophet Angel also emphasised in every healing and miracle that he performed that it was Jesus that healed them. Those who attended the service were also able to hear prophetic words being spoken. Lives were changed during the event and many situations have been turned around. Prophetess Bebe Angel also took the stand and delivered some forensic prophecy. Of course, the centre of attention is no other than the man himself as he let the prophetic spirit flowed through him through God’s power.

It can be remembered that Angel pioneered miracle money in Botswana four years prior. It was back in its full gear again and people were treated to thousands of Pula in their respective wallets- a manifestation that it was indeed a night full of supernatural vibe.

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Angel founded Good News TV in order to have a platform that will have a global reach which will allow him to get the teachings of Good out there. He wants to get the good news and the message of God spread to the rest of the world and for people to receive the grace of Jesus Christ.

Uebert Angel is also the founder of The GoodNews Church which is based in London. Learn more about Uebert Angel and the many impressive activities that he has been doing by visiting him on Facebook.