Four Sports to Play, How to Stay Away From Substance Abuse During The Summertime

The summer is one of the best seasons for playing sports. It might be the best, in fact. You can be outside in the eighty- to ninety-degree weather and feel like you are truly having fun. You do not need to worry about the cold, ice, or snow. The sunshine and heat can give you the motivation you need to go outside and enjoy them. In certain parts of the country, summertime weather only lasts for a limited number of months. It may be one of your only chances to take advantage of the beautiful weather and complete a strong outdoor workout.

Yet, you may wish to make sure you do not turn to substance abuse while working out. According to The National Institute of Health, around four percent of US citizens have struggled with drug abuse during the past year. An additional 10 percent of US citizens have had a drug abuse problem at one point during their life. Those struggling with that might have to ask the question: does Aetna cover rehab? It could be the one thing that prevents you from turning to substance abuse while playing sports. Sports, though, can be very fun.

Here are four sports that can bring you a lot of fun this summer:

1.) Tennis. The courts are open, and everyone is out and ready to hit the tennis ball back and forth. Yes, this sport can be played in many different seasons with indoor tennis courts and all of that. However, being outside with the sun out and the sweat glistening off your shoulders can be the best time to play competitively against someone else. Take advantage of the weather and everything else and you might have a lot of fun outside.

2.) Baseball. With the middle of the professional baseball season occurring, why don’t you take the time to organize a game with your friends at the local park? Baseball not only offers a workout, but it is a team sport, so it gives you the chance to build stronger bonds with your friends. Once you are together in the middle of a game, you can see how much fun spending time on the baseball diamond might be.

3.) Beach volleyball. There are beaches all over the United States, not just in Florida or California. The beach could be where you have some of the best games of volleyball ever. Get your friends together and put together a strategy against the opposing team. With a strong strategy can come a great victory for you and your team.

4.) Soccer. While this sport can be played in many different seasons, there is no better season for soccer than summertime. You and your friends can race the ball down the field and slide in the grass with your cleats. It is the best time of the year for all your friends to chase at each other in shorts and t-shirts. If it rains, play in the rain so you get wet and muddy.

The summertime can be filled with lots of fun things to do. You might not have to ask does Aetna cover rehab if you stay away from substances while playing sports. Maybe you will choose to go swimming. Or, you could be interested in biking. Take advantage of the fun things you can do in the sunshine. There is a lot to be gained by taking advantage of every opportunity this summer. You may meet new friends or a discover passion you never explored before. Use the summer to discover something new about yourself.

About the author: Tommy Zimmer is a writer whose work has appeared online and in print. His work covers a variety of topics, including politics, economics, health and wellness, addiction and recovery, and the entertainment industry.